Problem: GoldMine throws an error, “Insufficient Memory for This Operation” and never runs.

Solution: Bring up the windows task manager via the CTRL-ALT-DEL keystroke (press it only once! Twice and your machine will likely reboot, losing any work in any open applications) and end-task on all instances of gmw6.exe. Alternately, you could just reboot the PC.

Explanation: Sometimes it may take a few seconds to come up with the GoldMine login screen after the icon is double-clicked. This is just a fact of life when your machine may be running some sort of VPN connectivity software, anti-virus, anti-spyware, defrag utilities, three different remote access packages, Oulook, three instances of Word, 6 instances of Excel, two instant messenger programs and ten browser pages. With such a degree of information overload, we can get a tad impatient and double-click the GoldMine icon again. Unlike pressing the elevator button over and over, double-clicking the icon again doesn’t help — in fact, it’s counter-productive and is likely to result in this error message.

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