GoldText for GoldMine is a GoldMine add-on I created to provide an easy-to-use text messaging interface for GoldMine.

Tech Details:

  1. Supports GoldMine versions 8.x, 9, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  2. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012
  3. Requires an account with online service Twilio**

How does GoldText work?

GoldText provides a simple text-messaging interface that anyone who’s ever used a modern cell phone to send/receive text messages ought to be able to figure out without any training.

GoldText uses Twilio’s powerful capabilities to send and receive text messages right from your desktop.


Conversations that you decide to link to a GoldMine contact can be automatically stored as messages in the GoldMine history tab.


GoldText also provides an easy way to broadcast a template-based text message to a filter or group.


GoldText license** price = $180.

GoldText annual maintenance*** = $45





















**GoldText is Serialized to your GoldMine installation

***Maintenance includes software updates and e-mail support. Advanced training, support and installation services are available for an additional fee.






**You are responsible for obtaining an account and phone number(s) from Twilio.  GoldText cannot send or receive text messages without a valid/active Twilio account.

Twilio SMS pricing is approximately $1.00 per month for each phone number plus $0.0075 per text message.  That’s right, less than one-tenth-of-a-cent per message.  

Short code numbers and other services also available from Twilio.  Castell Computers does not resell or support Twilio services beyond utilizing Twilio SMS API with GoldText.

Download the User’s Manual:

GMPop for GoldMine Product Manual
View the End User License Agreement:

GMPop for GoldMine (EULA)
Uninstallation Instructions:

Uninstall Information


contact Doug for more information!