If you liked my article on using the GM+View tab to get directions to your contacts via Google maps, you’ll like this little trick.

While maps and other information in GoldMine’s GM+View tab is great, it is sometimes a bit trapped there. If you’ve tried to copy and paste, tab between fields, print directions, etc. from there, you know what I mean. That’s why I went ahead and made a taskbar shortcut for directions. When pressed, the button opens a browser window and passes the start and end-points to Google maps and their great tool does the rest.

To do this yourself, simply right-click on the taskbar (that Outlook-ish toolbar on the left side of the GoldMine window in GoldMine 5.7 and higher) and select Add New Item… When the window comes up, fill it in like this:

GoldMine Taskbar Item Properties Screen

Note that the spacing on the URL Data line is very important so you might want to just copy and paste this for that part:

?q=<<&licinfo_address1>> <<&licinfo_zip>> to <<&address1>> <<&zip>>

  1. Keep in mind that this will be pulling your address information from your license file. To review (or update) the info you entered, go to File|Configure|License Manager and then to the registration tab. If, in your address 1 line there, you have a pound symbol (#) or an ampersand (&), try to move those to line 2 of the address and they’ll mess with the URL formatting and probably cause these view/links (and those for mapquest, yahoo maps, etc.) to not work properly. The same holds true for your contact records themselves. Try to make it a practice to put the Suite #123 on address line 2 instead of at the end of line 1 and your links of this nature will work much better.
    As for the GM+Views area, the biggest thing people overlook when pasting in my sample views is to hit the <H> button before they paste the html. There is already HTML in there when you create a new view. You’re pasting HTML, not friendly test, so you’ll want to be in the appropriate mode before you paste. Hope this helps out! If not, give me a call as I do offer fee-based consulting services and, given my experience with these particular problems, I’m sure i could knock them out quickly..

  2. I have never worked w/the GM+view and would like to use the google maps along w/the task bar shortcut, but I apparently am missing something. Neither one works for me. Can you help me set this up? When I use the task bar it just takes me to google maps. and the GM+view only shows text w/a partial link.

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