CRM Support

Today’s CRM applications are more than just calendars linked to contact databases. The lines between sales, support, marketing and accounting have blurred. With the power of a CRM package bringing together all these worlds comes the complex task of learning and managing the software. Castell Computers can help to keep your systems firing on all cylinders and your users informed about the features they need the most.

Needs Analysis

Not sure who to trust to give you an honest opinion? We pride ourselves on our ability to ascertain your situation and provide a realistic, cost-effective solution. We are in the business of solving problems — not perpetuating them. If you think you may need a CRM system but are unsure which one (or which module(s)) are right for you, contact us about our needs analysis service.

CRM Customization

Have you always wanted to automate some repetitive task / process / workflow but just aren’t comfortable with opening the hood of your CRM system and rearranging things? Castell Computers has been helping users get the most out of their CRM system since 1997. Some customization services include:

  • Screen customization
  • Database administration
  • Custom integration and application programing (vb6,, c#, SQL & more)