CastellRecNoGen is a CLR DLL I wrote that provides functions in MSSQL server for creating new GoldMine Accountno, RECID and Syncstamp values. This replaces and supersedes the gm4sql.dll and gm5sql.dll files supplied with the old-school GoldMine-provided SQL Stored Procedures. While that DLL is able to produce a proper recid value on a 32-bit platform, increasingly, today’s powerful SQL servers are installed on 64-bit platforms — for which there has thus-far been no solution available to produce these all-important values for your GoldMine integration and automation projects (other than the unstable/unusable GMRecNoGen64.dll.) Now there is an answer: CastellRecNoGen

Notable features include:

  1. Creates values suitable for use in GoldMine database versions 4 through 2023
  2. Supports MSSQL versions 2005 through 2019
  3. Supports both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures
  4. Does not require GoldMine to be installed
  5. Does not depend on any GoldMine resources


CastellRecNoGen for GoldMine Download Examples of usage:

MCastellRecNoGen Examples
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