MailGo for GoldMine

MailGo for GoldMine is a GoldMine add-on I wrote to provide an easy-to-use e-mail marketing platform for GoldMine users.

Imagine having a GoldMine user who sits in front of GoldMine 24 hours a day dutifully watching their calendar for next actions that instruct them to send out template-based e-mail messages to your customers, their associates, and/or other GoldMine users. Wouldn’t this employee be useful for making sure that your e-mail marketing messages, newsletters, alerts, referrals, etc. arrived at exactly the right time you’ve determined to be optimal?

That’s what MailGo does. MailGo acts as your team’s invisible marketing assistant. The program runs on a machine in your network with access to your GoldMine’s SQL database and constantly watches the calendar of a dedicated username for instructions via scheduled Next Actions with specially-formatted instructions in the notes field. These instructions include details about the message(s) to be sent.

Manually scheduling actions for MailGo is only scratching the surface of the automation opportunities presented by this synergy with the GoldMine calendar, however. A whole new level of marketing automation can be achieved by utilizing GoldMine’s Automated Processes™ to schedule items for MailGo based on conditions in the GoldMine database. With thoughtfully constructed Automated Processes, you could:

  1. Alert customers (or your own staff) to approaching deadlines
  2. Notify 3rd parties of customer milestones
  3. Welcome new customers who visit your website and fill out GoldMine Web-Import-linked forms
  4. Send your customers personalized legal documents or other important forms at the right time

Tech Details:

  1. Supports GoldMine versions 8.5 through 2021
  2. Any Internet-connected Windows machine capable of running GoldMine can be your
    MailGo Server
  3. Requires an SMTP server
  4. Integrates well with GoldMine’s Automated Processes™


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Main Screen

MailGo for GoldMine

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Compliance for GoldMine

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Download the User’s Manual:

MailGo for GoldMine Product Manual

View the End User License Agreement:

MailGo for GoldMine (EULA)

Uninstallation Instructions:

Uninstall Information


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