GoldHook is a Rest API for GoldMine. It’s hosted on your own IIS server and provides functions that external services can call to:

  • Create or Update contact records
  • Add a note to an existing contact
  • Create or Update scheduled activities
  • Create or Update detail records
  • Create or Update history records
  • Attach an Automated Process to a contact
  • Check to see if an e-mail address or phone number already exists in GoldMine
  • …and MORE!

Web automation engines like Zapier, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT,, Integromat,, Workato (and many MORE!) provide the ability to integrate a wide variety of systems via web hooks.

The systems available to trigger actions and accept data are usually hosted/browser-based. GoldMine has been notably absent — because it’s an in-house piece of software. GoldHook provides your GoldMine with a listener that can respond to events from these sorts of tools — or your own website’s contact us form.

GoldHook uses web-standards that will be familiar and easy-to-use for web programmers. POST, PUT, and GET actions are made available by GoldHook so your web-driven data can be submitted to GoldMine in a neat JSON package.

1st year subscription: $399






Annual subscription renewals*



*requires existing license!


GoldHook for GoldMine Product Manual

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GoldHook for GoldMine (EULA)
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goldmine REST webhook API POST PUT GET RESTAPI webimport

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