CRM Products:


GoldMine is a powerful application-based CRM solution. It’s suitable for a handful (or hundreds!) of users with powerful synchronization features that can support your far-flung remote users around the globe. GoldMine’s genre-defining feature set has kept pace with the way real people work in today’s connected business environment for nearly thirty years! Castell Computers sells/supports all versions of GoldMine — Standard, Corporate and Premium Editions as well as all the FrontRange-produced add-ons like GISMO, GISME and GoldMine Mobile Edition! Call Doug now to learn more ->

GoldMine Add-ons by Castell Computers:

Compliance for GoldMine

Compliance for GoldMine is an add-on I wrote to allow GoldMine users to export some (or all) of the e-mail stored in their GoldMine database over to an Outlook .PST file. There are many reasons one might need to do this including the extinction of the GoldMine dBase product. You can extract your mail and switch over to Outlook/Exchange — or another program that can easily import PST-based e-mail. SEC/HIPA/Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Someone wants to audit your e-mail communications with one or more customers. How do you provide it to them if you use GoldMine? Hand them your entire GoldMine database? Now you don’t have to. more ->

MailGo for GoldMine

MailGo for GoldMine is a GoldMine add-on I wrote to provide an easy-to-use e-mail marketing platform for GoldMine users. MailGo acts as your team’s invisible marketing assistant. The program runs on a machine in your network with access to your GoldMine’s SQL database and constantly watches the calendar of a dedicated username for instructions via scheduled Next Actions with specially-formatted instructions in the notes field. These instructions include details about the message(s) to be sent. more ->


CastellRecNoGen is a CLR DLL I wrote that provides functions in MSSQL Server for creating new GoldMine Accountno, RECID and Syncstamp values. This replaces and supersedes the gm4sql.dll and gm5sql.dll files supplied with the old-school GoldMine-provided SQL Stored Procedures. While that DLL is able to produce a proper recid value on a 32-bit platform, increasingly, today’s powerful SQL servers are installed on 64-bit platforms — for which there has thus-far been no solution available to produce these all-important values for your GoldMine integration and automation projects. Now there is an answer: CastellRecNoGen more ->

Other GoldMine Add-ons:


MasterMine is a reporting and data analysis tool like nothing else I’ve seen. MasterMine leverages Microsoft Excel’s pivot table functionality to give you the ability to dig into your GoldMine data and look at it from all sides of the cube. In minutes (as opposed to hours with other reporting tools) you can have a table showing how many calls with a certain result code were made by each of your sales people and how long they all were, etc. Check out this 5 minute video on MasterMine and then go to their site for even more ->


QuoteWerks from Aspire Technologies has been one of the most powerful add-on products for GoldMine for as long as I can recall. Its ability to maintain a complex product catalog, quickly generate product quotes and tightly integrate with GoldMine’s system of forecasting make it an indispensable tool for anyone who sells anything using GoldMine. The crack development team at Aspire keep QuoteWerks in tip-top shape with frequent updates that complement it’s extremely rich feature set. Good stuff. Castell Computers can help to get even more out of QuoteWerks by customizing your installation within the QuoteWerks framework or via a custom application using the flexible QuoteWerks API. Call Doug for a quote today! more ->