Check out the downloads page for a new addition, Search 4 GoldMine.

Features include:

  1. Perform contains-searches on both primary and additional contact names
  2. Perform contains-searches on both primary and additional contact phone numbers (including phone2, phone3 & fax!)
  3. Works with both dBase and SQL databases
  4. Runs from a single network installation for all your workstation users
  5. Keeps a list of your previously clicked search results for quick access to your favorite contacts
  6. Hides unobtrusively in your system tray when minimized

The short installation instructions:
1. Download the .ZIP and extract it to a temporary location.
2. Run setup.exe and follow the prompts.

Note that for a multi-user installation, it would probably be simplest to install it as a sub-folder of the shared GoldMine folder on your server. Once it’s there, you can simply add a shortcut to it on a global task-bar inside of GoldMine for all users to access.

Feel free to comment on this post with any issues you might encounter using Search 4 GoldMine!

  1. Yeah, sorry. That’s a common complaint. I will see about enabling resizing… The main thing is keeping the little password fly-out block in the lower-right pegged down in the lower-right.. Allowing you to resize it makes me have to write more code for that! I do need to re-visit Search4GM to add GoldMine 7 compatibility, though… I’ll post a new blog item when I get it updated! 🙂

  2. Doug: We have used your ‘Beta’ version and find it a wonderful tool. Is there a way to resize horizontally so we can see all fiels without scrolling. We can resize vertically OK.

  3. Actually, no! You can install it in a shared network location. It uses the currently logged in GoldMine username and respects curtaining, with respect to that username (and usergroups that person might be in). It even makes the distinction between full curtaining and partial — hiding the additional contacts on partially curtained records.

  4. Doug – I saw your post yesterday re the search center. I downloaded this for our networked GM. We are using curtaining so I assume that I would need to install it locally for each user???

  5. That’s great man. Now I am using ADO connection from VB6 to GM Database, however, it doesn’t seem towork fine. How do you actually access to the *.dbf? Do you mind sharing with me ?

  6. I understand the DDE works very well in Ms Word. However, I am facing problem declaring/initialize the DDE function in VB6. Can you guide me a little bit more on this?

  7. The RecordObj function of GoldMine’s DDE API. Like this (assuming the record’s Accountno field is in the sAccno variable):
    iret = .DDERequest("[RecordObj(Seek," + Chr(34) + sAccno + Chr(34) + ")]")
    iret = .DDERequest("[RecordObj(Refresh," + Chr(34) + Chr(34) + ")]")

  8. May i know which API do you use so that when you double-click on the flexgrid, it will bring you to the specific contact screen in GoldMine?

  9. Unfortunately, it’s not. I need to put together some time to tweak it so that it would work with 7. Unfortunately, I may need to just create a new version for 7 because of some of the API changes. Or course, if there are any clients out there interested in paying for such work, it would probably get me working on it a lot sooner! 🙂

  10. Each workstation in a multi-user installation needs the support file msflxgrd.ocx to be present in the local \windows\system32\ folder in order to run Search 4 GM. It may already be present on your workstation(s). If Search 4 GM returns an error on this file, you can copy it manually. This file can be found in the \support\ sub-folder of the extracted .ZIP file.

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