“Better late than never!” is what I said when I came across a fix posted by a Paradox database guru for a BDE bug. That bug just happens to have also plagued GoldMine administrators since the dawn of the unholy marriage of GoldMine to the Borland Database Engine (BDE) back in GoldMine 4.0 days.

When you perform a database rebuild (and a few other functions), the BDE asks windows how much free disk space there is (in an attempt to avoid shredding your database.) This would be a good idea except the BDE trips up if the amount of free space you actually have (in GB) is evenly divisible by 4. So machines with 4.3GB, 16.8GB, 24.5GB, 88.2GB, etc. all choke on the regular BDE free-space request and report that there isn’t enough free space available.

When you NEED to perform a database rebuild, this can be a real problem. In the past, the solution was to free up (or take up) disk space to a point where the free space was not divisible by 4. This could get tricky, however, given that your database files shrink a bit when they’re packed and rebuilt by the maintenance procedure. This sometimes left GoldMine administrators doing a delicate dance with their database and free space throughout the maintenance procedure. Hair-raising, to say the least.

The fix I came across basically routes just this BDE request (the one that checks your free disk space) to a hacked DLL that you must place in your \windows\system32 directory which properly reports the value.

Numerous GoldMine admins have reported success with it, so I thought I’d share it with the community: Get it here!

  1. difficult to say. It could be an actual insufficient disk space situation, it could be that you’re not actually using the BDE that’s been patched and, instead, using one from a different directory… It could be a lot of things. Troubleshooting in a comment thread on a 5.5 year old article, however, could be a bit cumbersome. I do offer consulting services and could possibly solve the problem remotely, for a fee, of course. Feel free to contact me via phone, IM, e-mial, etc. (see the right side for various methods.)

  2. Please note that the instructions included in the download were written by the original author of the patch. One thing that’s only vaguely mentioned is that each machine that accesses your GoldMine installation will need the bdecker.dll copied to it’s \windows\system32\ folder to function properly once the patch is applied to your shared BDE.

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