Sure you can add links to external program to the screen real estate gobbling task bar, but what about the menu bar? You know, all that wasted space to the right of the HELP menu…

GM menu bar

As you can see, I’ve added a couple of external programs that I find useful in my own daily use of GoldMine, Search 4 GM and my Remote Support Utility.

You ‘ll need to close GoldMine and open your username.ini with notepad or a similar utility. I’m partial to PSPad, but it’s not necessary for this task.

To achieve the results in the screenshot, I opened DOUG.INI and added the following section at the end:

Opt2=&Remote Support,"C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" -listen 5500,,8

You’ll want to modify the displayed name and shortcut for your item(s) accordingly.


The ,,8 part is very important as this is what tells GoldMine to make these items menus of their own instead of adding them to the other menus (File, Edit, Tools, etc.)

Filenames with spaces in their paths should have quotes around them (as in the remote support tool line, above.)

You can define an ALT-_ shortcut key by prefacing the shortcut letter with an & symbol, as I’ve done with the G and R keys, respectively, in my example. Be sure you don’t duplicate one of the existing menu’s shortcut keys, though!

  1. You could attach the username.tbi file(s) to a knowledgebase item and make sure your linked doc sync settings are such that they’ll end up in the root folder of the remote GoldMine install.. It would require a pretty careful setup. It would also mean that your shortcut paths and whatnot that you place in the task bar would need to be the same on the remote machine(s) and LAN workstation(s)

  2. Nope, unfortunately, it does not. However, since the highly-customizable TASK BAR moves up to become dropdown-style toolbar buttons in GMPE, the same need can be fulfilled more easily with the built-in capabilities…

  3. If you’ve got source code access to the vb app, you can absolutely do that using a few simple DDE calls.

    I wrote a little FAQ on it here:

    If that doesn’t do the trick for you, given the source code, I could get this taken care of for your readily — vb6 is what I typically use for GoldMine-integrated programs.

  4. thanks for the efforts…but I wanted the user to launch the external app and have the current contact’s data populate the main screen…

  5. [FileMenu]
    Opt1=TestAddOn,\\app01\cworks\CRS\goldmineaddon\GoldmineTest2.exe LESSTHANLESSTHANAMPERSANDcompanyGREATERTHANGREATERTHAN,,8

    does not work….

  6. given that the command line macro for adding company to the command line would probably not render in HTML very well, I’ll put it this way:

    try this:
    Opt1=TestAddOn,\\app01\cworks\CRS\goldmineaddon\GoldmineTest2.exe LESSTHANLESSTHANAMPERSANDcompanyGREATERTHANGREATERTHAN,,8

  7. I used the following code:

    Opt1=TestAddOn,\\app01\cworks\CRS\goldmineaddon\GoldmineTest2.exe company,,8

    what does ‘in the command line area, add >, for instance. ‘ mean?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. How can I pass a Company name 9or any other field) to an external VB 6.0 executable?

    Thanks for the tips and tricks.

  9. We have been trying to upgrade to 6.70.50123 but our current GM reseller here in Ireland, does not want to return our calls. They merged with Sage and have disappeared behind a Sage call centre. We didnt go for the UPP just support & maintenance which I regret.

    Now I have to go find another reseller!!

  10. Actually, they didn’t add the ability to add things to to main menu level until 6.7. Prior to that, you could only add things to the existing menus.

    They put a lot of good things into 6.7, actually. I highly recommend 6.70.50123! 🙂

  11. Can this work for GM version 6.5? I tried using your sample above (but replacing with calc.exe) and it added it under the Tools menu.

    Any ideas?

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