So you thought you’d refer to the help files before going to someone else with your problem and when you open the GoldMine help file, it says the page can’t be displayed! What gives?

A Microsoft windows update security fix is what. Depending on your operating system, a number of fixes could be hindering your access to the HTML help in GoldMine and in many other applications.

Microsoft details various fixes (and some work-arounds) for the problem here and here.

Of course, these patches have also made your machine more secure, so you should consider that before you decide to implement any of the ‘fixes’…

If you’ve thought about it and have decided to skip the security and get your help files working again, copy the following text into notepad and save the file as anything.REG. Once you’ve save the file, double-click on it and windows should ask if you’d realy like to import the information into your registry. Say yes. A reboot may be required before the fix takes effect — but probably not.




  1. Is this fix needed for vista. Can’t seem to get GMPE to display the help file. If I copy the file to the local machine it works fine. I added the network to IE7 intranet security zones. Still not working. Should I try this fix?

  2. Hi Doug,
    I tried it too(verbatum) with no luck. My link to the help file still reads “Action canceled” when I open it. When I click within the contents or click display after search or index, I get “The page cannot be displayed”

  3. Nope, not sure. Do you get the ‘page cannot be displayed’ message or somethine else? Are you a local administrator on the machine in question? When you download and double-click the ‘anything.reg’ linked in the article, does it ask you if you’d like to import it into the registry? If you say yes, does it say the stuff was imported? Have you pinged the excellent folks over at Stonefield on the issue?

  4. Hi

    I have just installed the latest microsoft patch (Windows XP – Workstation 21 December 2005) and my online help for Goldmine (& Stonefield Query) have stopped working. I tried the above fix (verbatum) but it hasn’t resolved the issue. Any idea whether this is the same issue and/or do I need to adapt any of the entry previously provided?

    Thanks and Merry Xmas

  5. For those folks who are a little scared of modifying registry entries, you can write a quick BAT file to create a folder on the local C drive of workstations and copy the GoldMine.CHM file to it. Then, create a link to the file via the GM taskbar. It should work for anyone who runs the BAT file.

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