So you have some basic information on what may be a great lead. How can you find out more about this person/company? GM+Views, of course!

Download this .ZIP file filled with some handy GM+Views that can help you dig up all the contact information you need, given a few key details.

Included in the zip:

  • Whois search–Uses the value in the website field to dig up who the site is registered to
  • Area code search–Get a telephone area code map of the record’s state
  • Person search–Dig up more information based on the contact’s name
  • Zip +4–Figure out the proper ZIP+4 for your contact’s address
  • Weather Underground–Get lots of weather information based on zip code
  • Google Maps Satellite Close-up–Get a recent satellite image of the contact’s location based on their full address

For instructions on adding GM+Views to your GoldMine, refer to some of these previous posts:

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