Have you ever looked at the NOTES tab and wished it’s name was ‘Memo’? How about FIELDS? Does ‘More..’ sound better?

GoldMine has always had the ability to re-name tabs, but it’s never been very well documented and it was always a user-by-user setting controlled by settings within each user’s username.ini file. To make sure everyone saw the same tabs with the same custom names, admins would need to resort to hand-modifying every user’s ini file or using automated, sometimes buggy, tools to globally edit all the ini files at once.

There IS a better way. With 6.7, the Corporate Overrides ini setting can be leveraged to modify the order and/or label on the GoldMine standard tabs (sorry, no details or custom field-view based tabs.) Just add the following to the GM.INI file to enforce the standard layout for the tabs for all users — regardless of their individual settings in their preferences:


To change the labels on the NOTES, FIELDS, GM+View and Contacts tabs, you might modify the ROTabs1 line like this:


It’s also possible to modify the order of the tabs by modifying the ROTabsItems1 line like this:


…just be sure you modify the ROTabs1 like to match the order! If you don’t, you might go to the Memo (notes) tab only to find your additional contacts!

Beyond leveraging it to modify tab layouts, the User-Override function in the GM.INI is a very powerful method that can help to enforce all manner of rules that users sometime prefer to ignore.

It wraps the settings that one normally sees in the username.ini with this format:

[User-OverRide:{User.INI Section Name}]
{User.INI Setting}=

I’d be interested to hear some comments from admins on how they’re using (or might like to use) this in their installations! 🙂

  1. You may want to try renaming the tabs with ampersands (like “&Info”, etc.) Typically this sort of convention will make the letter following the ampersand symbol the shortcut key for that item.

  2. I think it is great to be able to change the Notes tab to read as something else but am not happy that my Ctrl+ functionality with the tabs is lost once this is implemented.

  3. Interestingly, although the order changes for ROTabItems1 (the numbers), the ROTabs1 (the labels) ordering remains the same. You can change the labels but leave them in the same order. I tried rearranging them to match the numbers and YIKES what a mess that was. Also, semi-colons between the numbers and commas between the words. I accidentally had a comma in the numbers list and everything got screwy. Powerful, yes, but be careful or you just might go a little crazy trying to figure what went wrong!

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