GoldMine Standard Edition is being discontinued.

A letter from the CEO of FrontRange:

Over the past couple of years FrontRange embarked upon an aggressive GoldMine product strategy to add additional functionality to our current offerings as well as bring new products to market. Our strategy was formulated to insure that we continue to provide our current customers with added value, as well as to provide new products on a modern architecture that will take our customers well into the future.

As you may know, we were recently featured by Microsoft as the only CRM Product in their Vista Launch. This is a tribute both to our brand in the market as well as our outstanding product capabilities.

We have recently announced two new products to the marketplace, GoldMine Premium and GoldMine Enterprise. The two new products represent hundreds of man years of development, and are our most significant new products in several years.

Our first new product, GoldMine Premium, is based upon the same architecture as GoldMine Standard Edition and GoldMine Corporate edition, and includes a New user interface, a customer service module, and new workflow and features. GoldMine Premium is well suited for existing customers familiar with GoldMine, but is looking to add customer service and new features. GoldMine Premium also is well suited for new customers that require both sales automation and customer service capabilities.

Our second new product, GoldMine Enterprise Edition, is based on our new architecture and utilizes .net technology from Microsoft. It is based on a service-oriented architecture, is very flexible allowing you to add and modify unlimited fields, forms and relationships, and also has the same ease of use and robust feature set core to the GoldMine philosophy. With advanced workflow, as well as sales, marketing and service capabilities, GoldMine Enterprise is ideal for existing customers seeking an integrated product set as well as new customers with more robust product requirements.

With our new products coming to market, we have decided to consolidate our offerings to GoldMine Corporate Edition, GoldMine Premium, and GoldMine Enterprise. This will allow us to dedicate our efforts and focus our development team on more rapidly building new capabilities for the market.

GoldMine Standard Edition customers are welcome to stay on their existing product, or may choose to upgrade to GoldMine Corporate Edition, GoldMine Premium Edition, or GoldMine Enterprise. We will not be offering GoldMine Standard Edition for sale beyond April 30, 2007 but we will continue to support the product through April 30, 2008.

Our GoldMine strategy is predicated on providing great value to our existing customers, including attractive upgrades to our newest products and offerings. We believe that GoldMine Corporate Edition, GoldMine Premium, and GoldMine Enterprise achieves a good balance for existing and new customers, and allows FrontRange to focus our development efforts so that we are able to rapidly bring new products and features to market. If you would learn more about upgrade specials call us at 1 800 443-5457 or visit
I would also encourage you to take a look at our most recent products on line at


Michael McCloskey
FrontRange Solutions

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