Frontrange have released a hotfix to patch a number of annoying problems with the original 7.5.1 version of GoldMine Corporate Edition. Here’s the word from them:

Several months ago we announced that GMCE 7.5.1 Hotfix 1 (build 81009) was being made available in a controlled release. Since then, a large number of customers have deployed it successfully, and we are now formally making it generally available to make sure that future GMCE deployments will use this build, rather than the original build.

The build is already on the partner NFR site. We expect it to be on Net Update and CD this week.


  1. Memory leak on server running GoldSync
  2. GoldSync does not reprocess a transfer set if it fails to retrieve it the first time
  3. Incorrect lookup lists displayed for Reference when completing activity
  4. Upgraded emails linked from Outlook display HTML code
  5. Contact information not displayed in Outlook for synchronized calendar item
  6. When the remote syncs, it continuously attempts to start another connection until sync session ends

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