GoldMine Premium Edition sees it’s third patch, version 8.0.3 (aka 8.03.80716)

This is the third patch since the initial release of GoldMine Premium Edition (8.0). It brings with it a nice list of fixes and improvements that make GoldMine Premium Edition a compelling choice for 6.x users now living with a end-of-life’d product.

Here’s the list of line item fixes (my favorites are in bold!) from the release notes included with this patch:

  1. Hot key for Schedule a Follow-up does not check box in Complete Activity screen
  2. Open relationship tree causes performance issues when searching contacts
  3. AP Print Form prints for incorrect contact and contact record window defaults back to contact list
  4. QuickStart Wizard application error on zip code import
  5. When Syncing with Outlook, cal reference field data is duplicated
  6. Notes lost after clicking on recent contact during edit
  7. Automated Process Event Print Form prints form for incorrect contact and duplicates history
  8. Manual linking of e-mails in Outlook is slow
  9. Elapsed Time trigger ignored in Automated Process
  10. Edit of sequential order of Automated Process Events causes failure of AP to process correctly
  11. Branch To Event dropdown is empty during creation process if AP track contains Preemptive Event
  12. Industry Template installer aborts
  13. E-mail address not found if Linkacct = NULL in CONTSUPP
  14. DDE buffer too small for heavy note use
  15. Memory Leak Caused By Relationships Tab
  16. Automated Process does not trigger all events and sequential order of events is not respected
  17. When adding an influencer to opportunity, contact record jumps to a random contact
  18. Last contact viewed is not maintained between sessions if it was not in first 500 by sort order
  19. Recorded Macros cannot be run from the command line
  20. Cannot drag and drop activities to month calendar controls
  21. Danish characters are no longer visible after upgrading to GMPE
  22. New Company & Contact copies Key1 field from current contact
  23. Snooze options hidden
  24. Cannot open all links if there are over 1000
  25. Process Monitor window intrusive
  26. Incorrect sort order for Outlook messages

Feel free to contact Doug directly for more information about this patch or GoldMine Premium Edition, in general!

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