GoldMine Premium Edition sees it’s first patch, version 8.0.1 (aka 8.00.70621)

This patch is the first patch since the initial release of GoldMine Premium Edition (8.0) a few months ago. It brings with it a long list of fixes and improvements that make GoldMine Premium Edition a compelling choice for 6.x users adrift in the sea of doubt brought about by recent product focus changes at Frontrange.

Some interesting highlights from the release notes:

Support for Microsoft Office 2007 enables integration with the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Also, the Word and Excel links now are optional components of the main GoldMine installation, rather than being installed separately.

Enhanced Account Rollup provides a clearer picture of the activities associated with an account, by including the name of each contact within the Pending and History tabs. To enable this feature, go to Tools>Options>Record and check “Show contact name on activity tabs”. To see an account rollup for a particular record, go to the Relationships tab, select a section of an organization, and click Rollup.

The process of unlinking and relinking email messages has been improved to reduce errors which previously caused users to accidentally remove email addresses from contact records.

The One-button Installer now supports installation directly to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express database.

GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Windows Server 2003 R2, Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Here’s a long list of line item fixes, also from the release notes:

  1. Non-Master users cannot search on E-Mail address
  2. Monthly calendar does not refresh to show dates in bold after scheduling
  3. Zip Code validation cannot be disabled for additional contacts
  4. Resolved Cases filters show incorrect data
  5. Message encoding failed when using email template with attachments
  6. Label color changes not shown on screen
  7. Case list searches for Subject and Description are Begins With instead of Contains
  8. GMPE truncates emails with special characters
  9. Cases deleted by user without deletion rights
  10. Distribution list refresh when member added
  11. Special characters vanish in Notes after saving
  12. Record Type Rules not recognized where Field value based rules exceed 32 rules
  13. Ampersands are doubled when ‘Force Valid Input’ is in place
  14. Cursor is not visible in the ‘To-do:’ field
  15. Pound Sterling (£) and Euro (€) lost in Notes
  16. GM freezes when scrolling recent items during refresh
  17. Note is corrupted with unwanted HTML tags
  18. E-mail attachments hidden by long file names
  19. E-mails deleted from e-mail center without being written in database
  20. Wrong case reassigned for new case created from Cases tab
  21. Record Type Settings screen text truncated
  22. Cannot schedule call when New Zealand regional settings are used
  23. Split button in Relationships tab works incorrectly
  24. Incorrect search parameter appears when looking up contact for Relationships tab
  25. No indicator for allocated screen positions in screen design
  26. Screen designer moves field incorrectly
  27. Sort by column in opportunity manager list does not work on all columns
  28. Sorting projects in grid does not update Gantt chart
  29. It is impossible to merge mail to several contacts from Search Center
  30. Process monitor always pops up
  31. Notes don’t contain Username and Date if using Global Replace
  32. Name changes when selecting additional contact in new case workflow
  33. Exception when running report against an activated relationship tree section
  34. Ability to change contact assigned to case
  35. Reference field is too small in Complete dialog
  36. Default tabs should include Opportunities, Projects, and Cases
  37. Cannot remove permission to Delete Contact
  38. Calendar Publish actions do not work
  39. User name not displayed in Owner field for Cases
  40. Cannot enter seconds in activity duration by hand
  41. Case is not deleted if contact record is deleted
  42. Digits are handled wrong in filters
  43. Opportunities created without using wizard do not contain contact and company
  44. Horizontal divider position always reset
  45. Upgrading firebird database from GMCE 7.0.4 SP generates two error messages
  46. Right Click in F2 time lookup does not activate dropdown
  47. GM exits tabbed mode after merge/purge records
  48. Cannot select contacts in the search center using keyboard
  49. Add menu item:Assign a Process
  50. Macro buttons not available
  51. Activity List date filter is not indicated
  52. Mail merge without GISMO leads to errors
  53. impossible to create OBS profile for large db
  54. Auto Fill Doesn’t Work On Reference Line In Schedule Dialog
  55. Links are not sorted properly
  56. ‘Rehost Failed!’ error message is generated during the creation of new database
  57. Upgraded notes tab entries are in reverse order
  58. Macros do not work on Vista
  59. Activity List:Edit and Complete buttons don’t work
  60. Incorrect email address populated when clicked from Relationships tab
  61. Wrong refresh of Org Chart window changing view to tabbed
  62. Close by double clicking on relationships separator doesn’t work
  63. Wrong default contact in the forecasted sale window in Oppty wizard
  64. Cannot complete multi-user activity if prompt is suppressed
  65. Case number includes date only in US format
  66. Deadlines shown on Case list do not respect regional setting
  67. GoldSync status window does not open from system tray
  68. Cannot add a contact to Relationship using contact lookup
  69. Wrong creation of new organization in Relationships.
  70. GM Acrobat Link requires .NET Framework 1.1 on Vista
  71. Cannot tag records in the member’s list section of ‘Filters and Groups’ dialog box
  72. Unable to create Oppty for the target record without wizard
  73. Auto-Update resources window is corrupted
  74. WordPad documents are not displayed in LFC
  75. GM crashes during merging records
  76. Crash when adding tasks to Case with UK regional settings applied
  77. Users not in alphabetical order in Calendar
  78. Case notes do not respect HTML_Cal_Notes setting
  79. Implement linked document mover feature
  80. Useless Record field on Summary tab
  81. Inaccessible opptys available to limited access user
  82. Checkbox “Use GM as Explorer e-mail client” is not saved
  83. Adding Contact to the Distribution list causes GM to drop out of tab mode
  84. Cannot link email message from unknown address
  85. Active oppty and project tasks appear in month tab in calendar as completed
  86. SQL query creation error in CSC
  87. Expanded detail data not displayed on the custom tab unless label is given
  88. When editing Lit Request, Cover Letter label is corrupted
  89. Incorrect keyboard focus after double-click on label with CSC open
  90. Case attachments can only be opened, not saved
  91. Cannot Go To Contact from Project when using secondary contact set
  92. Prioritized activities displayed as 00:00
  93. Label not changed for Prioritized activity
  94. Incorrect default value for Stage in opportunity or project template
  95. No keyboard navigation in search dialog accessed from Schedule dialog
  96. Contact List does not refresh contact data when edited
  97. Create new contact option is unavailable in project wizard
  98. My Contacts window can’t be maximized
  99. Incorrect refresh of column set in contacts list.
  100. Adding Contact to Distribution list drops out of tab mode
  101. Contact Search criteria field missing focus
  102. Impossible to add multiple contacts from search center
  103. Incorrect list of groups when adding new member
  104. Impossible to see recently viewed contacts if GM is not maximized
  105. Various truncations in tab labels
  106. It is impossible to send Email to several contacts in CSC
  107. View corrupted when removing an active contact tab
  108. Analysis don’t have tabbed view
  109. Schedule button in the Service Center doesn’t work properly
  110. Service Center does not properly exit ‘More Options’ mode
  111. No action on Task Double Click
  112. Calendar refresh required to display created task
  113. Default layout causes calendar to be truncated on Vista
  114. E-mail template has attachments displayed in body
  115. History tab in service center shows empty references
  116. Wrong focus behavior in contacts list and CSC
  117. Priority assignment for activities is not shown in schedule dialog
  118. Incorrect cloning of campaigns
  119. Only one of selected contacts adds to opened campaign
  120. “Case number” cutoff in case summary
  121. “Organizational Tree” report with Current Contact doesn’t work
  122. “Reference” field in “schedule call” in Campaign manager has not cursor
  123. Some fields cannot be reached by Tab key in Contact Search Center
  124. Cannot Undo edits in email message

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