GoldMine Premium Edition sees it’s fifth patch, version 8.5.1 (aka

This is the fifth patch since the initial release of GoldMine Premium Edition (8.0) and the second one in the 8.5 line. Let’s face it: the original 8.5.0 patch was a bit of a bust in that it fixed lots of things but unfortunately brought with it a couple of major issues surrounding e-mail.

Now in it’s third week of release, the 8.5.1 patch seems to be much more stable. It provides a nice list of fixes and improvements that make GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 a compelling choice for users still living with GoldMine 4/5/6/7.

From the Release notes included with 8.5.1:


Note: GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.1 also provides the enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.0, listed below.

GoldMine now supports Windows Vista SP2.

GoldMine now supports Windows 2008 SP2.

GoldMine now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1.

GoldMine now supports Microsoft Office 2007 SP2.

GoldMine now supports Windows Internet Explorer 8.


GoldMine now supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008.

GoldMine now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

GoldMine now supports the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003.

Universal Search provides a single search box from which you can find contacts, notes, activities, e-mail messages, documents, and other items in GoldMine. This new feature is located at Go To > Search > Universal Search.

GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook (GISMO) is now included in the GoldMine installer, no longer requiring a separate installation.

Cross-field validation enables an F2 lookup list to change based on the value in another field. For example, you can enter a value for the Title field that is only valid for a specific Department. To enable this option, click the Setup button in the Field Lookup (F2) screen and select “Lookup list depends on another field”. Check the “Force valid input” box to enforce the validation.

A Preview Pane is available in the tabs within a contact record, providing a faster view into activities, e-mails, details, and linked documents.

Unattended installation enables GoldMine to be installed or upgraded without end-user intervention. To enable this option, check the box labeled “Create configuration file for unattended installation” when installing GoldMine on an end-user’s computer. Then place the gmsetup.exe, gm_is.ini, and gmsetup_si.bat files into the same directory on another end-user’s computer, and execute the gmsetup_si.bat file to install GoldMine.
In addition, future workstation upgrades can be setup to install automatically. After installing GoldMine on a server and creating the files listed above, go to Tools -> Configure -> System Settings -> Upgrade and enter the paths for the files. This automatic upgrade process will take effect in releases after GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.0.
As a result of the changes described above, the Minimal Setup and option was removed from the GoldMine installer and the Install Locally option was removed from the License Manager.

The E-mail Center and Opportunity/Project Manager user interfaces have been redesigned for better usability.

Secure SSL connections now are supported in the E-mail Center. To configure an SSL connection, go to Tools > Options > E-mail.

The IMAP protocol now is supported in the E-mail Center, providing more security and better interoperability with other e-mail clients. To configure an IMAP e-mail account, go to Tools > Options > E-mail.

A new System Settings screen is available for administrators to establish global system settings for search performance tuning and other items.

Unicode database support enables multiple languages to be stored within a single GoldMine database. This option is available when installing, upgrading, or rehosting GoldMine. Note: selecting this option will significantly increase the size of the database.

New user settings are available for administrators to permit a user to Insert notes, Edit/delete own notes, and Edit/delete others’ notes. These permissions can be set by clicking on Tools > Users’ Settings > Properties > Access.

A new user setting is available to grant permission for end users to customize their toolbars. To prevent end users from customizing their toolbars, go to Tools > Users’ Settings > Properties > Access and uncheck “Customize toolbar”.

The GoldMine Lookup Wizard now enables users to look up contacts matching multiple fields within Details. To use this feature, click on Tools > Filters and Groups > SQL Query > Build… to launch the wizard, and then select “Contact Information” and “Contacts containing the following Details tab information”.

A new Pending RSVP folder is available in the Activity List, displaying the pending activities for which the user has requested notification via RSVP.

Additional configuration options are available in the Service Center. Category, Offering, and Origin now are optional columns to be displayed in the case list view. Case field labels also can be modified by users with master rights.

A single case can be associated with multiple contacts, using the new Contacts tab displayed in the case view. With this feature, activities and e-mail messages associated with multiple contacts also can be linked to the same case.

When a case is reassigned, escalated, abandoned, or resolved, there now is a History entry that indicates what occurred. This history is viewable from the case or from the primary contact for the case.

GoldMine includes new tools for managing relationships between records in your database. To set up relationships between records that already are in your database, use the new relationship tree builder at Tools > Data Management > Create Default Relationship Trees. To add relationships as new records are created, check the “Relate To” box when adding a new record. The section name used when creating a new record can also be set by record type (Tools > Configure > Record Types, select a record type, click Edit, and enter a Relationship Tree Section Name).

The updated column chooser in the Contact Search Center now includes the ability to display the contact’s e-mail address and web site as columns in the Search Center and Contact List views.

Users now can run a single search for primary and additional contacts within the Contact Search Center. To use this option, select Search by: Contact (primary or additional).

Individual activities can be printed or copied to other applications. To print or copy an activity, right-click on the activity and select Output To.

The Field Properties screen has been redesigned to simplify the process of changing global field labels. To access the previous settings, including the ability to define a local label specific to a contact set, click the More Options button on the Profile tab of Field Properties.

The user interface for scheduling an activity with multiple contacts has been redesigned to be easier to use and more powerful. To add multiple contacts to an activity, click on the search icon next to the contact field on the Activity Detail tab. By default, the activity will be set at the same time for all contacts. To make the activities occur in a series, select the Series tab and choose “Schedule a series of activities with different times for different contacts”.
Activities now can be scheduled based on a maximum number of activities per day, or based on fixed activity duration. In addition, a “wrap up time after each activity” can be used to provide a delay between the completion of one activity and the beginning of the next activity.


Keyboard navigation has been enhanced to provide better access to core product features without using the mouse.

Synchronization and database rehosting performance has been enhanced, especially when using the Firebird database.

The 2 GB size limit has been removed for synchronization transfer sets and installation files for one-button synchronization.

Concurrent GoldSync connections are queued to improve reliability. As users connect to a GoldSync server, they automatically are placed in a queue, up to the number of users established in the Number of Connections screen within GoldSync configuration. If simultaneous processing of concurrent connections is required instead of queuing, please contact your Solutions Partner or FrontRange Support Services for recommendations and instructions.

E-mail messages sent when viewing a case are automatically linked to the case. While viewing a case in the service center, click on Actions > Send E-mail Message in the top menu bar.

The Linked Document Mover has been enhanced with the ability to restrict the locations from which documents will be moved. This feature is available at Tools > Data Management > Move Linked Docs and Attachments.

The Details tab now provides 12 customizable fields for each type of Detail. Previous versions of GoldMine provided 8 customizable fields for Details.

The import and export wizards now have simplified support for comma-separated (CSV) files. To import a CSV file, click on File > Import and Export > Import Contact Records.

Automated Processes can create cases, using the Create Case action in Event Properties. To create or edit a process, click on Tools > Automated Processes > Manage Processes.

For consistent terminology, the Tracks tab has been renamed to Processes.

The sort order of records displayed in the Contact List and Contact Search Center can be synchronized to allow users to scroll through records in the same order as they are displayed in the Contact Search Center. To enable this option, right-click on the results in the Contact Search Center and select “Set Record Scroll Order”.

The Contact Search Center supports the percent symbol (%) as a ‘wildcard’ for matching partial names of contacts or companies.

Macros can be added to custom toolbars. To use macros, first add the macro buttons (Record, Edit, Stop, and Pause) to the standard toolbar by clicking on the down-arrow button at the right end of the toolbar, and clicking on each button. Click the Edit button to view existing macros and drag-and-drop them to a custom toolbar.

Notes are now stored in a dedicated NOTES table for better reporting, auditing, and data synchronization. Previous versions of GoldMine combined all notes for a contact in a single field.
Because of this new structure for Notes, GoldMine does not support Global Replace on notes or filters based on notes. However, Universal Search provides similar functionality, as it enables the user to search within notes and then use the list of matching contacts as an active filter. To do this, check the Advanced box in Universal Search and select Notes as the only item within “Find these items”. Enter the search term and click Go. Check the box in the Tag column in the first row of the search results. Scroll to the bottom of the search results and shift-click the Tag column in the last row. This will activate a contact list of all the contacts with notes that include the search term.

A cancel button has been added to the toolbar that appears when editing notes for a contact record. To cancel the entry of a note, click the red X that appears in the Notes tab.

The Tasks folder of the Activity List now shows the related opportunity, project or case and enables the user to navigate directly to it, by clicking on the link shown in the Regarding column.

The Fax field in the Additional Contact record can be relabeled for use as a Mobile number or for storing other data. To change the label of this field, include the following entry in the [GoldMine] section of the gm.ini configuration file: AddContactFaxLabel=[yourlabel]

Users can now cut, copy, and paste field data with a right-click on the field. In previous versions of GoldMine, right-clicking on a selected field would display the lookup list for the field. To display the lookup list, press F2 or the Application Key (on most keyboards, this is a button with a picture of a drop-down menu). In addition, the auto-complete feature is activated when a user begins typing data into a field, as an alternative to opening the lookup list window.

The E-mail Center now supports integrated Windows authentication using NTLM. With this feature, e-mail access can be set up without entering or updating the password in GoldMine. To configure this option, go to Tools > Options > E-Mail.

E-mail Center performance can be configured with the following settings:

1. (New) When messages are deleted in the E-mail Center, they are not immediately deleted from the server until the connection is closed. This behavior provides the fastest performance but can cause deleted messages to reappear as duplicates in some scenarios. If this problem appears, the following [UserName].INI setting can be used:

PopImmediateDelete=1 (closes server connection after each message is deleted)

The default value for this setting is 0, which keeps the connection open after deleting a message.

2. (New) GoldMine automatically sends periodic messages (“no-ops”) to the e-mail server to keep the connection open for fast response time. By default these messages occur every 10 seconds. Some e-mail servers require more frequent messages to maintain the connection. To change the frequency of these messages, use the following [UserName].INI setting:

PopNoopTimer=nnnn (where nnnn is the number of seconds between messages)

3. GoldMine automatically disconnects from the e-mail server if it has no related activity for 10 minutes, by default. This is useful, for example, when using both the Online and Auto-retrieve options with an e-mail server that permits only one connection. To change the time delay before automatically disconnecting, use the following [UserName].INI setting:

PopIdle= nnnn (where nnnn is the number of minutes until disconnect)


Note: GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.1 also provides the fixes included with GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.0, listed below.

  1. Contact Search Center appears to hang when search term is configured to ‘popup when selected’ and focus is reset to search center multiple times
  2. When typing the @ sign for an email address on a Danish keyboard, the focus shifts to the search box
  3. When executing an automated process that updates Key1, focus is changed to another contact record
  4. Activities in history are displayed in the incorrect order after sorting by date
  5. E-mails without unique message IDs are not downloaded
  6. Activity scheduled for multiple contacts and multiple users is repeated once per user
  7. There is no feedback to the end user when using ‘get selected message’ for a message that is already in the inbox
  8. Sorting on Forecast column in opportunity manager is by characters, not on their numerical value
  9. Cannot uncheck ‘Link to selected Contact:’ when editing previously scheduled activity
  10. Page style and column schemes are not available for My GoldMine
  11. Upgrade to 8.5.0 leaves CONTSUPP.CONTACT NOT NULL
  12. Opportunity Manager focuses on oldest entry when selecting History tab
  13. Adding an automated process that updates a field causes the contact tab to change positions
  14. Previews of Office 2007 documents open in a separate window unless registry change is applied
  15. GM7S32.dll call GMW_NewRecID returns a corrupted version of the parameterized LPSTR
  16. Unattended installer does not remove registry key ‘GMInProgress’ after installation
  17. Performance issues when opening GoldMine due to usage of COALESCE function in SQL query
  18. After dragging an e-mail to another folder, focus is on the oldest message rather than next message
  19. Toolbar and menu bar customizations are not retained when menu access settings are changed for user
  20. Activating a Group of 1000 or more records takes over a minute
  21. Using the Edit dialog to change stage field on opportunities with multiple forecasts results in overall and first forecasted sale being set to zero
  22. Curtaining of records causes GoldMine to use maximum CPU when non-master user views calendar
  23. Activity on curtained record for non-master user does not appear on calendar
  24. Record counter is not properly updated after opening a record in contact search center that is outside the active filter
  25. Taskbar is duplicated if additional Global items exist before upgrade
  26. Unable to export Knowledge Base topic pages
  27. E-mail Addresses window opens with default action to create a new e-mail address
  28. Case template truncates Subject at 20 characters
  29. Automated Process cloning causes crash
  30. Daily – Day Timer (detailed) and Daily Appointment List Reports display HTML tags in notes
  31. Server location is requested twice for the ‘connect to existing database’ installation option
  32. Unexpected sorting for activities in history tab
  33. Certain e-mail signatures can cause e-mail body to become empty after download
  34. Contact List view is not limited via the Tag All feature in the Contact Search Center
  35. Incorrect ‘POST’ method used for web import templates
  36. All data packed into transfer set does not retrieve on remote
  37. Change in stage will insert the Forecast value of the Opportunity into the duration field of the created history item
  38. Incorrect behavior of macros on Vista
  39. Slow response time for first menu action after login on Windows 2008
  40. Preview Pane opens Microsoft Word and Excel documents in separate window
  41. AllUsersForFilteredRecs sync setting is not respected
  42. GoldMine sync process will “stall” at random when a site displays a message of “please wait” in the process monitor window.
  43. While synchronizing more than one site, the message “The GoldMine supervisor will perform system maintenance” is displayed
  44. If sync process terminates, users cannot sync until the SYNCTASK table is cleared
  45. Required Field Alert appears intermittently even when required field is populated
  46. In Microsoft Word, fields listed under the heading “_DATABASE” are not sorted
  47. E-mails older than 2 years do not come in with the correct date when converted or linked from Outlook


  1. When editing the alarm time for a previously scheduled Event, the alarm time changes back to 12:00 am
  2. When replying to some HTML e-mails sent from Outlook 2007, the replied text is truncated from the e-mail
  3. Auto-complete enters the wrong field value if the selected lookup list entry contains a semicolon
  4. If the file attribute “A” (Archive) is not set on the transfer set file, the file is not downloaded by the remote and is not deleted from the server
  5. Data is not rehosted from dBASE database for user-defined fields with field name in ‘u_’ format
  6. When a Forecasted Sale has been scheduled, you cannot edit the Forecasted Sale to change the Contact to an Additional Contact
  7. Manually linking of e-mails in Outlook produces prompts to file in GoldMine, with no means to suppress the prompt
  8. Scheduled For date in History tab is different from the scheduled date of the activity
  9. When selecting a different group in the Groups tab via filter on Group Name column, group members do not refresh
  10. Contact record window not syncing with the Contact List window when you scroll to the bottom of the contact list window then back to the top again
  11. When creating a new contact while linking an e-mail, the phone number is always in USA format
  12. Real-Time folder doesn’t have a preview pane
  13. Opportunity sales summary is missing from completed opportunity
  14. Text in ‘Send request with appt’ dialog says to click ‘OK’ but the actual button label is ‘Add’
  15. Contact with Notes Tab report prints notes upgraded from 6.7 with long date in a continuous line
  16. Alarms are set incorrectly for activities scheduled for multiple contacts spanning multiple days
  17. When correcting the spelling of a manually selected section of text, incorrect characters are replaced
  18. Ext field value truncated after autofill
  19. Search for phone numbers with only one character does not return results
  20. Unrelated history items are shown after deleting history record within rolled up relationship tree
  21. Automated Processes not executed in order of designed event number
  22. Web Import template created with Perl script when CDO is selected
  23. With 24 hour format unchecked, GoldMine will still show in 24 hour format based on Windows settings
  24. Editing the view below the contact list can corrupt the view on contact tabs
  25. Notes fields aren’t shown for some reports
  26. Case becomes unlinked from contact after merging contacts
  27. Activity code and Result code fields do not have lookup list in Statistical Analysis
  28. Selecting to E-mail Contact from a calendar activity linked to an Additional Contact creates email to Primary Contact instead of Additional Contact
  29. If contact record is put into group by more than one user, neither user can remove it
  30. GoldMine closes with no error when selecting Tasks tab for Opportunity Template if Task Dates To Be Based field is not populated in Template Properties
  31. Change to document extension causes corruption in attributes of synchronized document
  32. Incomplete documentation on automated process option “Attempt to trigger only once”
  33. Template loses HTML formatting when switching from primary to additional contact in To: dropdown.
  34. Extra spaces shown on Recently Viewed list for converted additional contact
  35. “%3E” appears after recipient e-mail address after adding multiple CC recipients with friendly names on Vista
  36. E-mail attachments not moved from TEMP directory on the last day of a month or the beginning of a new month
  37. Automated process prints documents for incorrect contacts
  38. If GoldMine is minimized and an alarm appears, if the user selects “View Contact”, GoldMine will not “restore” to show contact
  39. Automated Process is not merging documents in expected order
  40. Change in user’s access settings not synchronized to remote
  41. Automated process prints documents for incorrect contacts
  42. Forecasted sales for other users are completely hidden from user when access to others Calendars is removed
  43. Slow loading of custom screen with large number of custom fields
  44. Changes to a contact record name will not apply when scheduling activity
  45. Pasting into the activity notes field adds a carriage return
  46. Web Import fails when using Exchange 2007
  47. Lookup Wizard truncated field to 20 characters in SQL query
  48. CSV export does not include Notes and saves as .txt file
  49. Process Monitor interrupts user the first time auto retrieve is processed after logging in
  50. Re-Link button on toolbar always moves the e-mail address to the selected contact
  51. Inconsistent logging of field history changes
  52. Inconsistency in Lookup lists when completing calls within one Call Type after changing the Call Type in the Completion window
  53. Frequent synchronization using MS SQL 2005 causes event logs on the remote: ‘Cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode.’
  54. Line breaks removed when editing a note
  55. Blank date fields rehosted from dBASE database shown as 12/30/1899
  56. Frequently synching on MS SQL 2005 causes event logs on the remote: ‘Cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode.’
  57. Document merge in literature fulfillment printed for incorrect contact record
  58. Unable to search on full e-mail address if its over 40 characters
  59. Cannot add a contact to relationship tree using look up an existing contact lookup with E-mail as search criteria
  60. GM+ View is visible when scrolling through Semi-partial curtained records (tabs hidden)
  61. When printing emails, there is no indication of an attached document
  62. Sync logs in GoldSync Administration Center show incorrect site name
  63. Forecasted sales analysis cuts off large numbers
  64. History/Pending tab with large number of records does not show most recent history on first sort
  65. Sync to Outlook doesn’t display the contact name in Outlook’s calendar
  66. When recording macro, tabs cannot be opened by keystrokes
  67. Log this alert in history…’ option appears unchecked even when active
  68. Arabic characters are displayed incorrectly in the contact search center
  69. When scrolling through an active filter, record count changes and an ADO Error is generated in the Windows Event Viewer
  70. Public group not available in drop-down list for the “add to group” action in automated process
  71. E-mail message with 1000 continuous characters generates “i500 5.5.0 Syntax error – line too long”
  72. Until contact search center is refreshed, user-defined fields are displayed with a maximum of 25 characters
  73. Forwarded message body does not show all GoldMine E-mail recipients
  74. Projects window is not retained between user sessions
  75. After scrolling past 1000 e-mail messages in the History tab, user cannot open an e-mail message
  76. Sync Spy truncation on Vista
  77. Single-character field appears too small in SQL query results
  78. Completed sales by user ignores cents (only adds whole dollars)
  79. Document name with over 35 characters is truncated on linked documents
  80. GM+View template containing &emailaddress causes application error if active when launching GoldMine
  81. E-mail template sent to a filtered group will only merge the information of the current contact
  82. Option to send a meeting request update is re-activated after user unchecks the option
  83. Forecasted Sales of amount/price of xx.74 will automatically be reduced to xx.73 (for 64 < xx < 82)
  84. New Record creation via Referrals tab context menu causes application error
  85. Activities scheduled with a “Notification” but NO Alarm are still sending an Alarm to the scheduled user
  86. Incomplete documentation on Service Center
  87. Plain Text e-mail allows HTML text to be pasted in
  88. dBASE expressions are not respected in signature file
  89. Calendar refresh in outline view causes GoldMine to take focus from every other application
  90. Incorrect results when sorting on Age column in opportunity manager
  91. Case History tab sort is not most recent at top and does not remember user selection
  92. Error message: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.HISTORY_ITEM’ with unique index ‘HISTITSEL’
  93. Office documents (Word/Excel) added via hyperlinks cannot be seen in GM+View Tab
  94. ‘Remember Lookup By’ does not work when clicking Search button with CSC open
  95. Notes print from earliest to latest
  96. Missing CAL record message appears when syncing a “draft” e-mail to the server
  97. User defined fields are not populated in Contact Search Center when searching by a Filter or Group
  98. Some options in context menu become inactive in CSC when scrolling down more than 1000 records with activated filters
  99. Export wizard truncates secondary contact e-mail addresses to 35 characters
  100. Special characters are not showing correctly when receiving e-mails
  101. E-mail History reference text longer than 20 characters is truncated
  102. GoldMine automatically displays the date format from the Windows regional date settings
  103. When printing the “Contact with notes” report, the notes are listed with the oldest date first
  104. Report with large history record only showing ‘Notes’ information on first page
  105. Title is incorrectly displayed for additional contact added as Influencer when field is empty
  106. Leads Analysis does not show values when table name begins with numbers or contains blanks
  107. Merge & Edit do not give a message that GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Word is not installed
  108. Filter counts correctly but does not show correct numbers in search center
  109. Free/Busy tab when scheduling activities falsely alerting of a conflict
  110. Result Code checkbox is always disabled in graphical analysis
  111. F2 lookup is empty for second filter condition added in the contact search center
  112. Hot key for Mark as Private does not check box in Schedule an Activity window
  113. Upgraded data does not have appropriate friendly name associated to email address of additional contact following merge.
  114. Clone of closed-won opportunity creates too many opportunity records
  115. Unable to use Office Link (Word) with Vista – User Account Control (UAC) Enabled
  116. Application error when using alarm notification taskbar setting in GMPE
  117. INSERT INTO error when converting an additional contact to a new record
  118. If laptop user has an active filter, a saved sync wizard profile will update to the active filter instead of its saved settings
  119. After creating a macro with keyboard shortcuts, the edit macro button is grayed out on the toolbar
  120. If CSC is opened with no value entered and operator that does not require a value is selected (Is Empty or Is Not Empty), search does not trigger
  121. When filtering a Group of contacts, only those records in the first 500 display unless the entire list is loaded prior to filtering
  122. Label customizations in the opportunity manager are not respected in the opportunity tab on the contact record
  123. SQL temp tables created when creating new record do not consistently drop
  124. If multiple detail names begin with the same characters, then entries for the detail with the longer names will display on the custom tab for the detail with the shorter name
  125. GSSITES table rebuilds itself every other time GMPE is launched on Vista
  126. Process Monitor window can get saved off the screen, making it inaccessible
  127. Contact search center does not show all data after resorting by a column header
  128. Inconsistent prompts for completed activity information when linking a message in Outlook
  129. Contact notes saved to a wrong record using ‘Recently viewed’ list
  130. Data not populated correctly in Adobe document
  131. Dates on the navigation pane calendar do not display in bold font for days with Events scheduled
  132. Sorting a group does not retain the sort order when scrolling through the contacts record in the active group
  133. While editing a SQL query, if an alarm pops up, the text in the SQL query box gets erased
  134. Unmarked button available in Process Monitor Window – “close when all processes are done””
  135. Selecting ‘options’ for a calendar report actually opens the ‘profile’ tab instead of the ‘options’ tab
  136. Scrolling by Company via arrows does not display all records seen in Contact Search Center
  137. Double click on e-mail button in the toolbar causes GoldMine to become unresponsive
  138. Using the mouse wheel when editing a contact note changes contact record in view
  139. “Start time cannot be empty” message appears when scheduling an activity to a group without spanning across multiple days
  140. Macro icons cannot be reused for different users with different macros
  141. When viewing another users preferences, the “Full Name” value is taken from the logged in user
  142. Notes are saved to a wrong contact if arrow buttons are used while typing a note
  143. Notes upgraded from GoldMine 6.7.70226 are incorrectly formatted
  144. Activities are duplicated in the activity list, when viewing data for another user with activities scheduled against curtained records
  145. Cannot activate a Group and a Filter at the same time
  146. Time Clock sorts by day of week instead of day of year
  147. Sync with Outlook profile does not save mapping settings or respect the setting when deleted
  148. Information on the bottom status bar does not update properly when sorting by different criteria
  149. User toolbar settings documentation update
  150. When searching on Company is not Empty, nothing comes up
  151. Issue seen when editing the pending activity that is created by escalating a case
  152. Idle time logout is not configurable on Vista Machines
  153. Lookup.ini is not respected when new contacted is created via gmxmlapi
  154. Military time is displayed in opened e-mail message
  155. Command Line parameter -a does not allow user to enter GoldMine username
  156. MSSQLMaxBrowseRecs setting no longer affects Contact Search Center Searches and results in inconsistent query against CONTSUPP table
  157. When adding an influencer or team member to an opportunity, an unrelated contact record will open
  158. When creating New Company and Contact, doesn’t check for duplicates the first time
  159. When a group member is deleted from Groups tab in Filters and Groups screen, the screen refresh moves you back to the top of the list
  160. Default Sort for Opportunities is Account descending
  161. When adding cc to email, sporadically receive error Runtime Error! [path to \gmw.exe] R6025 – pure virtual function call
  162. If service case mask is changed to #### , pending activities disappear when edited
  163. When a detail is deleted, the screen refreshes and moves you back to the top of the list
  164. Unable to delete books with no name from Knowledge Base
  165. Import Wizard does not respect [Autoupdate] section of lookup.ini with option to do so selected
  166. Unchecking the group option in the History tab does not release the group
  167. Recently viewed items do not sync with the main opportunity manager window
  168. Sale amount is doubled when you complete a sale from the opportunity pending tab
  169. Linked Documents default sort is by date in ascending order
  170. User can’t scroll beyond a certain number of history records with filter applied
  171. When you type in a zip code for a newly created contact, the field doesn’t auto fill
  172. Renamed folder in knowledge base can become non-editable
  173. cannot re-enable menu item once deselected for non-master user
  174. ‘Adding Contact to an Existing Company’ Help topic is incorrect
  175. ZIP code lookup activated after single character of ZIP code is entered for additional contact
  176. Only one e-mail address is moved when converting an additional contact to primary
  177. Fields to insert don’t show up in order by Contact 1 or Contact2
  178. Sync Service does not respect Sync Settings
  179. Classic menu causes GM toolbar to be reset to default every time the user logs in
  180. Alarms associated with activities that auto roll-over are not updated to match activity date
  181. Zoom / previous option does not allow you to scroll through all history records in history tab
  182. Scroll order for activated filter does not respect Optimize Sort Order field
  183. Date field corrupted in new record dialog
  184. Follow-up activity from email linked to case is not automatically linked to the case
  185. Address2 field not populated when retrieving linked document
  186. Cannot import VCard after Web Import is configured
  187. GoldMine Hangs and freezes when editing a project from the project management centre
  188. User without scheduling permissions can schedule activities from search center
  189. Address & Phone Report with sort on Contact2 field run against a filter does not return all records meeting filter criteria
  190. Scrolling messages in Inbox also scrolls messages in Inbox sub-folders
  191. When selecting to print a report, Category field displays as Contact even if Report listing is for another Category
  192. Linking non-linked activities on completion window will not link activities although User has possibility to do so
  193. Clone Crystal Report does not create a copy of existing report. Clone function behaves like New function
  194. Unable to install GM if there is more than one SQL instance on the system
  195. When deleting a resolution note in Cases, the note is removed from the UI, but still appears in the database with ~~Deleted, instead of removing the note completely
  196. Date format in contact list is different from contact record
  197. Outlook calendar records deleted with synchronization
  198. User can only look at 2 emails from the activity list before they are forced to close the window
  199. Closed amount is being assigned to opened opportunities – amount does not even match forecasted sale
  200. Outlook contact deletions do not sync
  201. Error message when opening RDP file from links tab
  202. Linked Document Mover only supports a single path
  203. Outlook Sync does not respect New Record Ownership settings
  204. Automated process elapsed time trigger is ignored
  205. Cannot send a meeting request to multiple contacts
  206. Memory leak caused by Relationships tab
  207. Search entered in box automatically searches by first name only
  208. Incorrect lookup lists displayed for Reference when completing activity
  209. Refresh issue: The window title does not change to reflect that it is now searching by company
  210. E-mail sent from KB does not include attachment
  211. Cannot vertically scroll the Gantt chart
  212. Old GoldMine Setup File used in one-button installation
  213. On Edit menu, Copy, Cut and Paste are always grayed out
  214. Ability to add multiple contacts to relationship tree
  215. Phone number for Contact Info pasted into Pager Message is incorrect
  216. Option to send e-mail to user when alarm not acknowledged does not work
  217. Task focus lost after editing task
  218. Unlinked e-mail shows in sent folder as linked e-mail
  219. The import wizard will not import data from a field larger than 50 characters
  220. Text search on primary fields, there are inconsistencies… unless the key word is the first word in the field search can fail.
  221. Can’t see opportunities or projects in Activity List when clicking on open activities
  222. Project task created for a user group to not show in the activity list
  223. Project Template tasks dates are not respected when creating a task for a new project created from a template
  224. Documentation does not include information regarding SQL protocols/enabled order for client workstations
  225. Automated Process does not trigger all events and sequential order of events is not respected
  226. Slow response during Relationship tab refresh
  227. Service reports do not appear in Print a report…” wizard”
  228. Auto populate of city and state not working when creating new record
  229. Default path is incorrectly displayed in the installer after browsing to a previous installation
  230. Amount field rounded incorrectly if it exceeds 8 characters when sale is completed
  231. Importing notes does not merge to the existing note
  232. Word Merge bottleneck in automated process execution
  233. Status drop-down list does not refresh when switching between Project and Opportunities
  234. Last Record button jumps only 500 records, and not to the last record as indicated
  235. ‘Refresh’ button is always inactive in activity list
  236. Text formatting lost in notes after upgrade
  237. E-mail is linked to the wrong contact after an alarm pops up
  238. Contact Search Center settings ignored when creating a new case
  239. Case number identity seed is ignored
  240. User without merge permission can access merge & edit in Document Management Center
  241. Impossible to schedule a sale to an additional contact
  242. Write button on toolbar provides access to Document Management Center when menu access is removed
  243. Edit Menu (Cut/Copy/Paste) inactive
  244. Administrator unable to control access to tabs
  245. (Copy/)Move functionality: when source and destination database don’t have the same structure the records in the source database are not deleted
  246. Details tab with over 500 records loses context menu options after scrolling to the end of the list
  247. Wrong activities displayed after activating rollup and switching contact record
  248. Sales Analysis Quota diff % calculation is unintuitive
  249. Window states are not restored when exiting via Switch User
  250. Remove Tracks is only available in Classic Menu
  251. E-mail bodies are truncated if the line length exceeds 998 characters, when sending via certain ISP’s
  252. Reply to all brings wrong sender’s and recipient information when several E-mail accounts are setup
  253. Digital Signature Verification Failure
  254. GMW.EXE application continues to run in windows Task Manager after closing GMPE
  255. INSERT errors on upgrade
  256. Activity List only loads first 500 activities, even after scrolling or sorting the list
  257. ‘%’ and ‘?’ as Wildcards do not work anymore in CSC
  258. The Outlook Sync profiles are not saving field mappings
  259. Month view calendar is not scrollable via keyboard arrows
  260. There is no option to select “All” users on the activity list
  261. Record Type field not populated correctly in new record for default record type
  262. Unable to scroll past 2000 records with active filter based on contact2 field
  263. User without menu access to Tools > Options is able to customize tabs displayed in contact record
  264. GoldMine does not apply more than one signature.txt file
  265. GoldMine receives multiple copies of e-mail with checked ‘skip read’ option
  266. Online help file not upgraded correctly
  267. Completing unscheduled call pops incorrect F2 lookup list for Reference Field
  268. Literature Request – print labels for more then one contact at the same time
  269. Project Manager sorts projects in reverse alphabetical order by default
  270. Group by in Contact List does not display all data
  271. Daily Day-Timer (detailed) report displays incorrect dates if you span multiple days
  272. Selecting the “Go To” option for a public opportunity opens the Opportunity manager with display of current user’s opportunities
  273. Sender’s Full name truncated (in Header) in sent E-mails if recipient uses Outlook (2003)
  274. notes with *** in older version will lost their formatting after being upgraded to GMPE
  275. “Unable to initialize” message when syncing with Outllok 2007 on Vista
  276. Contact list does not display all contacts in a large database
  277. Contact Search Center report, when editing the fields get a &SyParam1 value that is not documented.
  278. Phone Formatting affects phone1 searching
  279. Forwarding e-mails to a secondary contact from an open e-mail does not work, only wks from inbox
  280. E-mail address lost if address for additional contact is entered first
  281. Notes do not merge with target record
  282. Deleted notes are displayed in Reports
  283. New user setting needed to prohibit Notes deletion
  284. Case management report prints BJ instead of the Pound sign (£)
  285. Workstations are not seeing the alias for a new database
  286. Zip Code Validation Does Not Work When Creating New Record
  287. Contact Search Center does not respect size from previous settings
  288. Sales Price and Amount field values do not store data properly
  289. Group count changes when scrolling through large activated group
  290. Noticeable delay between the message request and message display
  291. E-mail Center cannot display Russian text correctly
  292. Greek Chars are destroyed while import from dbf-file
  293. Grid headers are wrong when using Thai Language
  294. Unable to schedule forecasted sales with negative amount values
  295. Cannot disable Status Bar unless Classic View is used
  296. Single click on e-mail folder changes icon but does not open the folder
  297. Users cannot edit case history items
  298. OPMGR Notes are merged when upgrading from an older GoldMine version, for the first note entered in Premium Edition
  299. Cannot display Code on History tab
  300. New Contact is automatically related to current contact
  301. Tabs are not saved when exiting via switch user
  302. Typing a lookup value does not jump to that value in the lookup list
  303. Unable to Dupe Check on e-mail address when creating a new Company
  304. Literature Fulfillment creates invalid History entry
  305. In an F2 lookup window right-click to output to clipboard only outputs first item
  306. Adding an influencer to an opportunity changes contact record to wrong contact
  307. Non-master user cannot perform analysis from the activity list
  308. Printing out Project Notes field onto a report displays the HTML code
  309. Org. Chart folders limited to 68 on root level.
  310. Screen Designer toolbar positioned almost off screen when initially viewed
  311. Undo Change to Contact menu option doesn’t work
  312. Enable administrators to set permissions around contact record notes
  313. Unable to insert additional contact in the To field when creating a new e-mail message
  314. User’s full name is missing an apostrophe when saving a note under the notes tab
  315. There is no simple search across different contact data structures
  316. Field security appears to be dependent on record type
  317. Sort Order in Details incorrect
  318. Lookup-window for new time setting on snooze alarm is behind the alarm window
  319. F2 lookups on Info tab of a detail record are not updated on detail type change
  320. Special characters from Notes are destroyed in Summary view of Contact window (Next Activity: / Last Activity: / Last Note:)
  321. Activity List displays events as occurring 12/30/1899
  322. Incremental search does not stay consistent with user input in large contact database
  323. E-mail Is Empty search returns no records
  324. User defined date field in upper half of contact window is not populated correctly on new records
  325. Sort order not retained on tab grids
  326. Delete button remains active after “delete contact” menu item is disabled
  327. When using the linked document mover with the option to “Update database references only”, the CONTSUPP.U_ADDRESS1 field is unchanged
  328. Required fields not active during new contact entry
  329. Line breaks stripped out of Notes after upgrade
  330. Local dbalias.ini ignored
  331. Sort Order field not updated
  332. Cannot change contact record notes
  333. SITEID is upgraded incorrectly
  334. Optimized sort order does not work for filters
  335. Case IDs can be duplicated via sync
  336. Column width in calendar Task List is not retained
  337. Obsolete reference to Backup/Restore in online help
  338. Menu item points to obsolete ZIP code import that was replaced by QuickStart Wizard
  339. There are no commands in the toolbar customization window
  340. Obscured attachment listing
  341. Adding Users to Peg Board makes other calendar tabs show multiple users
  342. There is no option to automatically display contact records in the same order as shown in the contact search center
  343. Distribution list refresh when member added
  344. Service Center filter setting is not retained between sessions
  345. Record Type Rules are no longer recognized where Field value based rules exceed 32 rules
  346. The left and the right arrows do not increment by 500 contact records
  347. Text search is limited to primary contact fields
  348. Unable to add Macro to custom toolbar
  349. Column widths and position are not retained after exiting
  350. Intermittent DB connectivity problems
  351. Sort by column in opportunity manager list does not work on all columns
  352. Taskbar customization uses old menu structure
  353. Empty ‘service reports’ folder shown in report center
  354. Key field labels are overriden by local labels when creating a new record type
  355. Field inserted in Microsoft Word does not respect decimal place limitation set in GoldMine
  356. User security template access not applied to e-mail templates
  357. Pipeline Report does not respect opportunity filter
  358. There is no option to automatically display contact records in the same order as shown in the contact search center
  359. Taskbar customization uses old menu structure
  360. “Log Changes in History” setting is not respected when change is made to a NULL or empty field
  361. Incorrect calendar dates for Canadian holidays such as Victoria Day
  362. Obsolete reference to Misc tab in documentation
  363. “Log changes in the history” in Global replace wizard does not work when a filter is used
  364. Projects and Opportunities lose notes and pending activities after converting
  365. Nothing returned with &AdditionalContact macro
  366. Weekend days included even when applying “Skip Weekends” option for scheduled activity in Automated Process
  367. Document path is truncated in Project Management Details/Links tab
  368. SQL Query Wizard on Pending or History items produces query of Activity Code with an extra space
  369. GoldMine does not send a SMTP QUIT command as expected by some SMTP servers
  370. Unable to type Polish characters with using [Right ALT] +[letter]
  371. Additional contacts cannot be added to distribution lists through Contact Search Center
  372. Print button in Forecasted Sales Analysis opens report behind the active dialog box
  373. Behavior of F9 key is not changed by Opview setting in [username].ini
  374. Office link does not prompt to save when closing document
  375. Task Reference is displayed in date column in Tasks folder of Activity List when selecting Today
  376. Mail Merge creates undefined History record
  377. Forecasted Sale linked to an opportunity shows name of Opportunity in Product field
  378. ITS 27954: &FullAddress macro in Word merge doesn’t print ZIP and State values if the City field is blank
  379. ITS 34524: Attachment not opened in e-mail sent from Entourage
  380. ITS 23620: Cannot select font type or size from drop downs when highlighting multiple fonts
  381. ITS 34975: When importing a .csv file with only one record, or choosing to ignore the first record when only two records exist, no records are imported

Feel free to contact Doug directly for more information about this patch or GoldMine Premium Edition, in general!

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