Would you like to try GoldMine Premium Edition right now? You can!

FrontRange Solutions, the makers of GoldMine, have set up a remote desktop-ish tool that allows you to log right in and work directly with GoldMine Premium Edition (GoldMine 8.) It’s not a recorded presentation. It’s not a guided tour with a sales person on the speaker phone. You control the mouse, you poke around and check out the new interface. Best of all, you can do it right now — without having to wait for someone to send you a link or set up an account for you

GoldMine Premium screen shot

To check it out, go here: GoldMine Premium Edition Interactive Test Drive

Yes, there’s a form to fill out, but that’s a small price to pay, right?

By the way, feel free to list Castell Computers where it asks if you are working with a GoldMine Solutions Partner!

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