The long-awaited patch for GoldMine 7 (version 7.0.61201 (aka 7.0.4)) is now available via Net-Update to customers with a current maintenance contract.

A lot of work has gone into this release and a lot of problems with GoldMine 7 are, hopefully, a thing of the past.

“But Doug, what’s been fixed?!”

I’m glad you asked. The following long list comes directly from the included release notes:

  1. E-mail address field is not imported during XML import
  2. After removing fields tab from view, fields still appear on another tab
  3. HTML toolbar doesn’t appear after switching e-mail templates
  4. New user setting is needed to enable user without contact record deletion permission to delete unlinked GoldMine E-mail.
  5. Change in Forecasted Sale ‘Price’ field in recurring forecasted sale does not update Opportunity Manager ‘Revenue’ field
  6. ODBC source for Crystal Reports may appear correct, but settings are not being read when connecting to ODBC
  7. Completed activity may not synchronize to Outlook when contacts are omitted from Outlook sync
  8. Unable to type in HTML notes field of activity if cursor is on space used by HTML toolbar
  9. Scheduling conflict warning only warns of conflict for one user even if there are multiple conflicts and does not warn of resource scheduling conflicts
  10. Database Alias Manager should have a browse button for Firebird database location
  11. Email rules do not recognize any characters after @
  12. Upgrade process automatically upgrades contact set in Common folder
  13. Web Import does not populate curtaining level in STATUS field
  14. GoldMine iCalendar is off by one hour from Outlook using day-light savings time in Australia
  15. Forced log out does not work for specified time
  16. Automatic Maintenance does not execute
  17. E-mail merge does not support certain HTML graphics that can be added when building a template
  18. Key values are defaulting to the first value in the F2 lookup rather then the value that was selected during record creation, when using rule based record types creation
  19. Cannot login after deleting all aliases in Database Connections Manager
  20. “Invalid retrieval contact set path” error in process monitor logs when syncing multiple contact sets
  21. Forwarded plain/text email shows HTML tags of signature file
  22. When fast filing e-mail messages under the Pending tab, you can only do 2-3 messages before the Fast Filing button stops working
  23. Cal items fail to sync using Send Contact Related Options for “All filtered records and user-scheduled activity records” outside of filter
  24. Records types on Server installation do not sync to remote after one button install
  25. Cannot create new database using “Copy the data from the current files to the new database” with large database
  26. GoldMine will not exit when opportunity manager window has focus and a Server Agent is running in the background
  27. Error when doing “save as” new field in contact record with large database
  28. API issue: When 4-th parameter (owner) to DDE function LinkDoc is not specified, it submits empty user name, not currently logged in user
  29. When importing a DBF file with date fields, the import stops after first record
  30. Synchronization can result in orphaned data when deleting history items
  31. Installer cannot upgrade from dBASE to MSSQL
  32. Error window appears when changing install path in one-button installation
  33. Only one alias is transferred to remote using one-button installation
  34. Switching between contact sets prevents GoldSync processes from being restarted
  35. Error when selecting “Close All” without stopping all processes
  36. Licensing error after installing O-license and GISMO
  37. Installer errors if .NET framework is not present during Management Intelligence install
  38. Quoted text appears twice within the message body when assigned ‘reply’ template uses inserted file
  39. E-mail address can get linked incorrectly after editing a pending activity from the activity list and clicking on an empty email address field
  40. After deleting contact record, e-mails associated with that record can no longer be opened.
  41. Records do not sync if the corresponding TLogs have been purged
  42. Activity scheduling is slow when using Firebird
  43. Merging records causes orphaned e-mail messages
  44. Microsoft Word does not warn about unsaved data after installing GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Word
  45. Records retrieved from remote site sync back at next session
  46. Cannot correctly add E license number through “Add Other License” button in GoldSync Site Group Wizard
  47. Syncing only linked e-mail attachments causes “Cal/History record is missing or corrupt” error message
  48. Some licenses are generated with O (letter ‘O’) and 0 (digit ‘0’) together
  49. Text Search does not return correct results
  50. Cannot add a group of contacts into distribution list via CSC action button
  51. Softphone does not work from a network shortcut
  52. User is not able to add GM+View
  53. Softphone does not auto answer when used with GMIPVS
  54. When converting an additional contact to a new record, AP does not get attached
  55. Completing an Opportunity will lose original Price and Forecast data.
  56. Office Link breaks automated process due to Save As window
  57. Incompatible license found when upgrading an Undocked license running on MSDE
  58. Unchecking Rich Text option does not change the HTML body of an email to Plain Text
  59. When the cursor is highlighted on a completed sale in the history tab, completed calendar items show same currency amount
  60. Import from SQL table tool does not support all non-GoldMine tables.
  61. Error when completing activity after closing Contact Window
  62. No warning when overwriting backup file
  63. Reset of Palm after initial sync causes GoldMine data to be deleted
  64. Prompt to use wizard or manual method for new opportunities can only be disabled for current user session
  65. Unverifiable digital signature causes body not to be available
  66. Changing CC recipients to TO recipients on an email causes primary recipient to be changed to group (all).
  67. Clicking ‘Edit’ button in Distribution List Center brings inappropriate ‘Contact Search Center’ dialog box
  68. Error when changing the name of the current DB alias
  69. Calendar/opportunity items are omitted from one-button install when contact database and GMBase are in different locations
  70. Resizing Calendar dialog box loses the time lines of the main pane
  71. Resizing Calendar dialog box can cause the ‘Task’ pane to disappear
  72. Contact data truncated from XML import
  73. Can’t finish installation when installing Firebird Client instead of server
  74. Auto Update Statistics and Auto Create Statistics not turned on by installer
  75. API issue: WriteGMUser call exits with error code 0
  76. Export to XML or DBF ignores filters
  77. Transfer set only includes contacts from the first contact set
  78. ReadMail API function returns incorrect Body Value
  79. Mailmerge to contacts with German characters in the contact name produces incorrect characters in the Contact name
  80. History tab displays oldest items first
  81. Secondary contact search only works for master users

See any of your pet peeves? Maybe it’s time to upgrade! 🙂

  1. Yes,

    I’ve printed the list and highlighted 8 out of the 81 that plague us. Thanks for the alert, and for posting this list!

    Ted Chmura III – Composer
    TC3 Music
    Ludlow, MA

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