GoldMine 7 has long suffered from a bad reputation as a bug-riddled version of GoldMine. With the 7.0.4 patch, last year, this reputation was somewhat redeemed. With the 7.5 patch, FrontRange aims to banish all the bug demons of the 7.x product and make good on all those Corporate Edition clients’ maintenance dollars.

The 7.5 patch has been a long time coming. It was originally released in January of ’08 after much testing. Apparently, not enough testing was done as it was pulled from release within about a week with assurances that it would be back soon.

Fast-forward seven months later and soon has finally come. GoldMine 7.50.80618 has been released. It brings with it a lot of fixes and enhancements that have long been sought after by GoldMine users. Many of these enhancements are not even available in GoldMine 8 Premium Edition. This is not a surprise, however, as many late-in-life patches to prior versions of GoldMine brought lots of stability as well as some fledgling features that hadn’t quite made it into the newer versions of the product. One has only to look back at GoldMine 3.2, 5.7 and 6.7 to see similar patterns.

If you’re still on GoldMine 6 or GoldMine 7 Corporate Edition and are current on your maintenance with Frontrange, you can have GoldMine 7.5 for free. CD’s can be ordered from Frontrange with the update. If you are a new customer, you can’t have GoldMine 7.5 as new customers receive GoldMine 8 Premium Edition.

There are a lot of highlights in the release notes, but what really stands out, to me, are the many improvements to the e-mail capabilities. SSL, IMAP, TLS, NTLM, CRAM-MD5 — all of these acronyms represent things the old GoldMine e-mail client was incapable of. No more.

I wonder if these things will make it into 8.0.3 or if we’ll have wait for 8.1 to enjoy them? Regardless of when they make it, stability trumps an early release date any time. Kudos to the GoldMine team for sticking to it and getting us a good 7.5 release. Now, who wants to install it first? 🙂

Without more rambling from me, I bring you, the 7.5 release notes:

Support for Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 enables integration with the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Also, the Word and Excel links now are optional components of the main GoldMine installation, rather than being installed separately.

Support for Windows Vista as an end-user operating system.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Support for Windows Server 2003 R2, Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Secure SSL connections now are supported in the E-mail Center. To configure an SSL connection, go to Edit > Preferences > E-mail.

The IMAP protocol now is supported in the E-mail Center, providing more security and better interoperability with other e-mail clients. To configure an IMAP e-mail account, go to Edit > Preferences > E-mail.

The E-mail Center now supports integrated Windows authentication using NTLM. With this feature, e-mail access can be set up without entering or updating the password in GoldMine. To configure this option, go to Edit > Preferences > E-Mail.

E-mail Center performance can be configured with the following settings:

1. (New) When messages are deleted in the E-mail Center, they are not immediately deleted from the server until the connection is closed. This behavior provides the fastest performance but can cause deleted messages to reappear as duplicates in some scenarios. If this problem appears, the following UserName.INI setting can be used:

PopImmediateDelete=1 (closes server connection after each message is deleted)

The default value for this setting is 0, which keeps the connection open after deleting a message.

2. (New) GoldMine automatically sends periodic messages (“no-ops”) to the e-mail server to keep the connection open for fast response time. By default these messages occur every 10 seconds. Some e-mail servers require more frequent messages to maintain the connection. To change the frequency of these messages, use the following UserName.INI setting:

PopNoopTimer=nnnn (where nnnn is the number of seconds between messages)

3. GoldMine automatically disconnects from the e-mail server if it has no related activity for 10 minutes, by default. This is useful, for example, when using both the Online and Auto-retrieve options with an e-mail server that permits only one connection. To change the time delay before automatically disconnecting, use the following UserName.INI setting:

PopIdle= nnnn (where nnnn is the number of minutes until disconnect)

Synchronization and database rehosting performance has been enhanced, especially when using the Firebird database.

The 2 GB size limit has been removed for synchronization transfer sets and installation files for one-button synchronization.

Concurrent GoldSync connections are queued to improve reliability. As users connect to a GoldSync server, they automatically are placed in a queue, up to the number of users established in the Number of Connections screen within GoldSync configuration. If simultaneous processing of concurrent connections is required instead of queuing, please contact your Solutions Partner or FrontRange Support Services for recommendations and instructions.

An updated ZIP code database for the United States is available though the QuickStart Wizard.

  1. Branch To Event dropdown is empty during creation process if AP track contains Preemptive Event
  2. Error when creating installation file for one-button synchronization using database with large MAILBOX table
  3. Out of memory error while installing file for one-button synchronization
  4. Automated process elapsed time trigger is ignored
  5. All groups displayed when selecting (public) while adding to a contact group from search center
  6. Sales script question numbers are corrupted when adding a number above 99
  7. Message encoding failed when using e-mail template with attachments
  8. TRIM expression evaluates as True if there is no data
  9. Attachments are stored but not displayed on some e-mail messages
  10. Line breaks are removed when spell checker corrects first word in paragraph
  11. Influencer will appear twice following sync if added at server and at remote
  12. Merge / Purge shows the wrong records when using prompt before merging
  13. Long history notes truncated on Contact Profile (Detailed) and History & Pending Report
  14. New Contact Alert and New Contact AP not working in Web Import
  15. Error when inserting accented characters using XML API Writedetail call
  16. Incorrect ratio shown in Leads Analysis total line
  17. Forecast Quotas are wrong if more than 8 digits needed
  18. Linking e-mail to additional contact creates duplicate e-mail address and overwrites previous e-mail address
  19. Pending and e-mail are retrieved only if contact set open during sync
  20. Crash when trying to print report with another minimized print window open
  21. Crash when clicking the Complete button without selecting an activity
  22. GoldSync service generates multiple messages in Windows Event Log
  23. Expressions in the calendar do not show Contact1 data if there is an unlinked calendar item present
  24. FILTERS field updates are added to TLog without field changes
  25. REPORT32 field updates are added to TLog without field changes
  26. Details tab not updated correctly after starting GoldSync processes
  27. Special characters not displayed correctly in e-mails from Lotus Notes
  28. Days are not displayed in quota analysis date range
  29. Cancel operation does not work when a draft e-mail is open and user switches database
  30. Deleting contact deletes Mailbox and linked CAL/HIST record at remote
  31. E-mail message records retained after contact deletion do not sync
  32. E-mail address and E-mail merge code data issue with secondary contacts when duplicate e-mail addresses are enabled
  33. Send Request with to: option when scheduling an activity does not work
  34. Lookup.ini erroneously populates date field with today’s date
  35. Cannot add new detail on custom tab if detail name exceeds 20 characters
  36. Contact Search Center does not return all records for non-master user belonging to a user group with a single quote in the name
  37. Calendar Report does not print phone numbers for scheduled calls
  38. Cannot scroll down through days in month control in day view
  39. dBASE expressions cannot be used to clear a date field
  40. Invalid SQL query causes loss of database connection
  41. Russian characters aren’t displayed after upgrade from GM 6.5
  42. Opportunities do not sync if GoldSync as service was configured using a contact set code other than the contact set code the remote is using
  43. Non-Master user is unable to delete multi-user scheduled activities if they do not have delete rights
  44. Contact Record Statistics shows inaccurate sales data
  45. Filters containing “not equal to” criteria do match null values
  46. Impossible to login to GM using Firebird and shortcut install
  47. Notes field will not accept an import of greater than 50 characters
  48. ‘Database Operation error’ occurs while generating Graphical Analysis report
  49. Sort by Date on Details tab sorts by User Name
  50. Forced logout UI is unclear
  51. GoldMine GPFs when user without Schedule menu access tries to schedule from the Contact Search Centre
  52. Crash during Global Replace on Notes using a filter
  53. Notes are not synchronizing
  54. Completed Calls SQL Query returns 0 results
  55. Global replace on a user-defined date field generates incorrect values
  56. E-mail merge performance degradation
  57. Importing notes with more than 75 characters gets truncated
  58. Cannot use phone number for duplicate checking in new record type
  59. When multiple linked activities are edited, the Updated time is not changed
  60. Contact -> Write -> Letter doesn’t create a history entry
  61. E-mail merging/queuing speed degradation compared to 6.7
  62. E-mail are not retrieved correctly unless Windows-1251 encoding was used
  63. Group based on History Items against all Users returns no records
  64. When running a crystal report from GoldMine the parameter values are ignored if run against the current contact record
  65. Merging visible records drops notes from the non-surviving record
  66. Field security not applied when users tab from field to field
  67. Export wizard does not use the sort order defined in filter
  68. Open Org Chart causes performance issues when searching contacts
  69. Opportunity Title over 33 characters is truncated after saving
  70. Create Duplicate Record does not copy Web Site
  71. Clicking “Delegate to User(s)” causes characters to be deleted from the selected users list
  72. Account roll-up does not work for Opportunities and Projects
  73. Field mappings not saved in Outlook Sync profiles
  74. Printer name of 53 characters generates error message about 59 character limit
  75. Euro sign in e-mail not recognized
  76. Cannot update time on activity scheduled for multiple users and multiple contacts
  77. No Scheduling Conflict error when activity conflicts with recurring item
  78. E-mails for secondary contact not populating the To: field when selected
  79. Forced logout UI is unclear
  80. AP Update Field action uses wrong field
  81. Some applications can’t be started from Lookup.ini
  82. To-Do marked as Private can be opened by other users
  83. GoldSync process can be uninstalled before it has been stopped
  84. SQL query truncated
  85. Occasions are not showing up
  86. Undocked users in License Manager are not sorted by Username
  87. There is no way to restart GoldSync process
  88. Completing an e-mail from the Complete Menu can cause the “Cal record is missing or corrupt” error message
  89. No members are added when selecting All Users option in creating a group
  90. GoldMine can be launched twice simultaneously
  91. Opportunity Wizard allows Start Date to exceed Close Date
  92. Run instruction breaks XML type WebImport
  93. Crystal Reports use wrong data source
  94. Retrieval of WebImport e-mail containing duplicate e-mail address hangs system
  95. Log Changes in History setting is not respected when change is made to a NULL or empty field
  96. Sync service ignores Send Filter when &RecordType macro is used
  97. Report Sorts settings are ignored running Crystal report
  98. Runtime error accessing report sort properties
  99. Search by details in Build SQL Query does not work with long details
  100. Unnecessary TLogs remain in database, although corresponding source record already was removed
  101. Scheduled activity time is incorrect when alarms are on by default
  102. Sales Scripts are corrupted after editing the question numbers
  103. Document is merged to the current GoldMine contact instead of the one specified in literature request
  104. AP set to 1000 days goes to incorrect date
  105. Unlinked e-mail that is linked when replying causes endless loop
  106. Activities notes are duplicated under pending tab
  107. Digital signed e-mails not decoded
  108. Queries on history built by Query builder, not returning correct data on unscheduled calls
  109. Cannot activate a Group and a Filter at the same time
  110. Performance issues during synchronization with Firebird demo db
  111. Execute immediately ignored when added from another process
  112. Opportunity record not updated with sale date change
  113. Custom Field view unavailable until restart
  114. Customizations missing with One Button Sync install
  115. XML type WebImport record created with inserted note
  116. CREATEON/CREATEAT fields unpopulated with XML WebImport
  117. Screen Design mode retained between user sessions
  118. Leads analysis does not show any completed sales information
  119. Time and resource usage increase rehosting data to MSSQL
  120. Opportunity Manager custom Field are limited to 60 characters via the UI
  121. Impossible to save any word documents if template folder is indicated incorrectly in gm.ini
  122. The SQL query builder truncates the value to 20 characters
  123. The list of Reports of the Contact Report Category (in Print Report dialog box) is not visible
  124. When e-mail contains a period preceded and followed by a space, message is truncated
  125. Cannot rehost selected tables
  126. Building a group based on scheduled activities does not add members
  127. History tab does not show the most recent history, if the display limit is active
  128. E-mail inaccessible after delete
  129. Queued doc deletions do not sync
  130. No warning for blank username in initial setup
  131. Plain text signature file loses carriage returns when using HTML e-mail
  132. InfoCenter export to RTF does not convert HTML tags
  133. Contacts with calendar activities from: option does not sync any data to Outlook from GoldMine
  134. Unable to open lead table error on Firebird database
  135. API: DB_QuickSeek function does not work in XML API
  136. API: DB_Search function does not work in XML API
  137. API: DB_Range function does not work
  138. Predial.ini strips area code from non-local number and breaks TAPI dial
  139. Forecasted sale for decimal amounts are not reflected in Sales Analysis
  140. Negative number corrupts formula to calculate Forecast (Potn) and Forecast Diff. amount and Forecast Diff. percentage
  141. Application error occurs when entering data into required fields using F2 lookup
  142. Industry template installer does not delete F2 Lookups
  143. API: Seek function always returns ‘2’
  144. API: ReadSchedulePrefs function does not work
  145. API: WriteCalendarPrefs does not update some parameters
  146. Subset of accessible records NOT returned with Search
  147. GM+View template updates do not synchronize if user’s calendar not included in transfer set
  148. One Button synchronization updates the currently open database
  149. Printing filtered records failed
  150. File NOT found error when selecting Maximizer Import
  151. Project and Opportunity non-forecast activities are not completed in wrap up
  152. Impossible to delete opportunity without deleting the related contact
  153. Incorrect calculation of resulted stats of opportunity after closing all its forecasts
  154. Extended sync times retrieving large transfer sets
  155. Key Field Label Name assignments in QuickStart Wizard do not stick
  156. Inactive alias displayed as blank lines
  157. Changing an alias name is losing DB connection info
  158. Word closes without prompt to save document
  159. Update wording in Database Alias Manager for new functionality
  160. Saving draft emails in Outlook prompts for a save location when the Word link is installed and Word is the default e-mail editor
  161. Closed tab is empty by default in Activity list
  162. Launching GM over network on Vista prompts security warning
  163. SQL login user properties do not work
  164. E-mails containing UTF-8 characters are not rendered correctly
  165. Sort order on the pending tab is incorrect
  166. Change of forecasted sale on the opportunity tab does not change corresponding sale on pending tab
  167. If a user has no e-mail templates in the Document Management center, Mailbox contents will display
  168. Import process leaves temporary tables
  169. E-mail record attached to wrong contact record
  170. E-mail record attached to wrong contact record
  171. DBF import aborts if Date fields are included
  172. Cannot export a SQL query from cal that has HTML notes
  173. APP Identifiers in document management center work wrong
  174. Groups not displayed correctly when adding contact to group in Members tab
  175. DBF import skips remaining records if there is no data in company, contact or row
  176. Sync ignores CONTHIST record change
  177. Cannot click into a user-defined field that is under a user-defined expression field in the fields tab
  178. HTML Signature file shows tags
  179. GM is incompatible with MSXML 6.0
  180. Reference unchanged with Contact Groups creation
  181. Error navigating to merged contact
  182. No Contact data with non-defined FILECODE
  183. Cannot delete custom opportunity fields after editing them
  184. Org charts only show titles for the first member that was added to the org chart
  185. Adding Attachments to InfoCenter Documents doesn’t work properly
  186. Customized field data not retrieved
  187. Retrieved custom fields show ‘n/a’
  188. Wrap-up information not displayed in Opportunity Manager
  189. “Reference contains” calendar publishing option doesn’t work
  190. “Skip read mail” option doesn’t work with Microsoft Exchange
  191. No indication of which Groups and Filters are activated and which are released
  192. GoldMine not recognized by Internet Explorer as default mail client
  193. Carriage returns are omitted when pasting text into e-mail message
  194. When an activity scheduled with a secondary contact is completed the name disappears from the completed activity on the calendar
  195. GoldMine’s ZIP files can only create a 2GB max size transfer set file
  196. Sync Contact associates Opportunity sale to added influencer
  197. GM+Browser does not open web page when enter key is pressed
  198. Lookup By preference not respected when creating e-mail
  199. Add paste functionality for entering serial numbers
  200. Copy/Move Records wizard does not transfer links created by e-mail attachments
  201. Clicking “X” button in InfoCenter does not prompt to save modified text
  202. Contact Search Center text box does not allow focus change from another window
  203. dBase import of records truncates e-mail and web fields
  204. Forced out idle time not obeyed
  205. Carriage returns are omitted when pasting text into activity notes
  206. Age of closed Opportunity is incorrect in Opportunity Mgr
  207. Cal record remains on remote after deletion
  208. Reports dialog doesn’t remember previous selection
  209. GoldSync Max Retries setting is not honored
  210. Scheduled resources are not included in transfer set when a send filter is used
  211. Queued e-mails are sent even if the option is unchecked
  212. Not all records returned in CSC based on MSSQLMaxBrowseRecs setting
  213. Site can get processed by 2 or more different connections
  214. Contact History Report with Notes with large history record only shows ‘Notes’ information on first page
  215. Incorrect text on New Opportunity dialog
  216. Click on title bar of a background e-mail window causes it to maximize
  217. Incorrect Detail if the Lookup entry of the Detail custom tab is deleted
  218. Include a Text File option in HTML e-mail template strips carriage returns
  219. Request a Return Receipt does not stay checked on an E-mail template
  220. Cursor focus stays in Subject line when replying to an e-mail
  221. Industry templates change key fields incorrectly
  222. Zoom should be an available local menu item in the Calendar Month view
  223. Propose new time by GM recipient is corrupted
  224. Importing a contact record disables existing alerts
  225. Recurring Activities do not activate Conflict message
  226. ZERO length field label and value is irretrievable
  227. Cannot import exactly one contact from an ASCII file
  228. Value in selected Update Field is not transferred to surviving record in merge/purge process
  229. Contact2 data in AP Run An Application action, not processed

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