Here’s a little movie that shows off one of my favorite user interface enhancements in GoldMine Premium Edition.

I begin by moving the history tab to the first position. This illustrates the on-the-fly re-ordering of the contact record’s tabs that is now possible.

Next, I right click and select Group. This gives me a little drag-and-drop space above my list of history items into which I can drop the Users column, for instance, to group the data by the values in that column. I can add further levels of grouping by adding more columns to the group hierarchy.

Finally, You may notice that there are down arrows next to all the column headings. This allows the user to apply a filter to the tab’s data by simply dropping down the list of users, for instance, and selecting one of them as I do in the video. Note that there is also a more advanced filtering interface available by selecting Custom… and defining multiple criteria.

When I moved from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, I found, however, that beauty can definitely be only skin deep. Yes, a lot of development time was spent on the new GoldMine Premium Edition’s interface. The interface does look more modern with it’s shiny buttons and rounded edges, and there are some fantastic productivity enhancements to be found if you know where to look. It’s not just window dressing, GMPE is a strong package and definitely worth a closer look.

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