GoldMine Premium Edition sees it’s fifth patch, version 8.5.2 (aka

This is the sixth patch since the initial release of GoldMine Premium Edition (8.0) and the third one in the 8.5 line. It’s also very likely to be the final 8.x patch we’ll see before the release of version 9.0 in the spring of 2010.

The main goal of this patch was to clean up lingering issues primarily in the Opportunity/Project and E-mail areas of 8.5 There are some nice tweaks to the Universal Search area and general stability too.

From the Release notes included with 8.5.2:


The Opportunity Manager and Project Manager provide a filter that lets users select opportunities or projects by Status. To use this filter, click on the dropdown arrow next to the “Show:” label and select the corresponding Status. To view all opportunities or projects that are not completed, select “Active” in the dropdown menu. This is a new option in GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.2..


Note: GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.2 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.0 and 8.5.1.

  1. 111458 Multiple Projects created when converting an Opportunity with associated Tasks
  2. 110790 Users without master rights cannot see opportunities associated to curtained contact records owned by a group of which user is member
  3. 108551 ‘An exception occurred’ windows appearing during e-mail merge
  4. 108224 Error message during auto-retrieve if message is simultaneously deleted from server by another e-mail client
  5. 108134 Edit E-mail (from template) pulls wrong current record information when auto-retrieval in background is active
  6. 107450 Linked documents do not get retrieved if pointer is a sub-folder of a mapped drive
  7. 106708 AutoComplete section in User.ini grows to include thousands of spaces, causing slow performance
  8. 106472 Forecast field is not refreshed properly after scheduling an additional forecasted sale for an opportunity
  9. 106525 Incorrect data created when several WebImport e-mails are received at once
  10. 106190 When opening an e-mail from the Online folder, the wrong email opens for the end-user
  11. 106053 Notes modified in GMSE / GMCE to remove return following user/datetime stamp do not display in GMPE 8.03 but do exist in the contact1 > notes field. When upgraded to GMPE, notes do not display in GoldMine and are not in notes > note field.
  12. 105911 Transfer set with over 4GB of documents results in ‘Unable to set end of file: %s’ error when retrieving on remote
  13. 105672 Memory leak causes ‘The Cal record for the requested e-mail is missing’ message
  14. 105315 Non-master users cannot see pending activities of other users after upgrade from 6.7 to GMPE 8.5.1
  15. 105238 Free/Busy information is not displayed on the Free/Busy tab when scheduling an activity when plain text notes are used
  16. 105228 Sorting for Age column in Opportunity manager crashes GoldMine
  17. 105224 Performance issue when loading a lot of opportunities
  18. 105222 Go to Opportunity from Contact’s Opportunity tab browses to sometimes to wrong opportunity
  19. 105212 Probability column in Opportunity list is sorted alphanumerically, not by numeric value
  20. 105209 Unable to move in Opportunities from last to first using the FIRST RECORD toolbar navigation arrow
  21. 104961 Notes do not import form DBF, CSV, SQL tables, or Excel
  22. 104726 When you do an override, the contact on the history record is not the contact you’re on
  23. 104718 Unable to move between projects in sequential order using the toolbar navigation arrows
  24. 104665 Not all empty required fields are displayed in the List of Required field alert window
  25. 104503 Closed column in Opportunity list is sorted alphanumerically, not by numeric value
  26. 104492 Sort on Forecast Column does not work if there are any opportunities shown with no forecast value
  27. 104490 Copy\Move process creates unlinked activities
  28. 104410 Notes deleted when moving contact record to a different database
  29. 104358 Release a group takes up to a full minute, during that time the end user can not use GMPE.
  30. 104066 When you click the drop down menu for the MANAGER field in the Opportunity Manager you can only see 30 users
  31. 103996 The Regarding: field on E-mail creation window is smaller than in former GMPE versions. Additionally there is even less space as it also displays the linked type (opportunity, project or case)
  32. 103786 ‘Unable to load gm7s32.dll’ error when installing GMPE 8.5.0 with Outlook integration
  33. 103434 ‘Unable to load gm7s32.dll’ error when installing GMPE 8.5.0
  34. 103408 Opportunities are sometimes shown multiple times in the opportunity manager
  35. 103184 Universal search performance is very slow for users that do not have access to all contact records
  36. 102767 Grid filter doesn’t work in Real Time folder or Opportunity History tab
  37. 102632 CPU spikes when opening Opportunity or Project manager with tasks tab in focus
  38. 102408 Tab order changes to the fields do not “stick”
  39. 102379 When the goldmine e-mail center refreshes it resets the users selected e-mail view and sort
  40. 102037 Selecting a tab with a custom sort order saved does not highlight the first record for that sort order. The sort will be correct, but the highlighted record is always the first record of the default sort. User must scroll to get to desired record.
  41. 101910 Opportunity pipeline chart only shows data for logged in user
  42. 101700 Word merge is slow when running GoldMine on a server that is not part of a domain
  43. 101467 Members tab incorrectly edits the group name when editing the reference field
  44. 100708 Changes in the details pane of an active opportunity seems to change the wrong opportunity – only after a refresh correct data displayed again
  45. 100458 When using same return address for several e-mail accounts only the first SMTP server in the list is used to send e-mails
  46. 100377 Sync contact option inhibits calendar function/navigation
  47. 100284 Merge/Purge tagged records does not update Accountno for all history items from deleted record
  48. 95919 Messages not previewed in project / opportunity history tab
  49. 95648 When sorting opportunities by actual close date, the sort is not chronological
  50. 82779 “Chilkat” error displayed when receiving an improperly formed e-mail message

Feel free to contact Doug directly for more information about this patch or GoldMine Premium Edition, in general!

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