Compliance for GoldMine is a GoldMine add-on I wrote to allow GoldMine users to export some (or all) of the e-mail stored in their GoldMine database over to an Outlook .PST file. There are many reasons one might need to do this including:

  1. You’re leaving GoldMine for another program – You have decided to stop using GoldMine for e-mail (or all together) and are migrating to another program (Junxure, Sugar, Salesforse, etc.) that can import e-mail from an Outlook PST file (but not from GoldMine.)
  2. SEC/HIPA/Sarbanes-Oxley compliance – Someone wants to audit your e-mail communications with one or more customers. How do you provide it to them if you use GoldMine? Hand them the entire GoldMine database? Now you don’t have to.
  3. Legal discovery – You’re being sued and opposing counsel wants to see all your mail to and from their client. It’s over 1000 items and involves numerous attachments.

Notable features include:

  1. Supports GoldMine versions 5 through 2023 on dBase or MSSQL
  2. Supports Outlook versions 2000 through 365 (32-bit!)
  3. Extracts e-mail attachments
  4. Mail linked to one contact, all contacts or even mail not linked to any contact can be extracted
  5. E-mail center folders are duplicated in Outlook
  6. The GoldMine database is not modified at all
Main Screen
Compliance for GoldMine

Advanced Options
Compliance for GoldMine
Download the User’s ManualCompliance for GoldMine

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  1. note that I’ve updated the screenshot(s) to reflect additional options in version 1.0.27!

    notables include the ability to export folders, forcing HTML cleanliness, etc. etc.

    Also notable is that the user base of Compliance has grown over 3-fold! 🙂

  2. Note that Compliance for GoldMine now supports GoldMine 5, GoldMine 6, GoldMine 7 Corporate Edition and GoldMine 8 Premium Edition. MSSQL and dBase databases ONLY are supported.

    Also worth mentioning is that Firebird is not planned to be supported any time soon, sorry…

  3. It is not free, it is $450 and is tied to your GoldMine license. The intended user is you or your IT department.

    I’ve sold it to about 10 people already and none of them have needed anything but the most basic tutorial to get them started. 🙂

  4. Hi Doug,

    What’s the story with this tool – is it free? Would it be usable by me or my IT easily?

    Kind regards,

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