The Recently Viewed Items list is a great new feature of GoldMine Premium. It’s a feature I have wanted for so long that I actually wrote something similar into my Search4GM tool years ago. GoldMine Premium Edition, however, takes the concept a step further. It tracks the last fifty records you visited in other areas as well. You can backtrack through contacts, campaigns, opportunities, service tickets, knowledgebase articles and more!

It’s a handy feature, but it’s been known to cause a bit of a performance hit when the Recently Viewed lists get long. There’s no way to tame this feature from within the GoldMine interface, but if you’ve got the MSSQL Management Studio (or the Express version of the same tool) you have all you need to get it done.

Of course, all due caution should be observed before undertaking such steps as you could possibly corrupt your database or confuse your cat with this stuff. Seriously, backup the database first (or ask whoever’s in charge of such things to do so)

1. Fire up Management Studio and expand down to the GoldMine database level.

2. Hit the ‘New Query’ button on the toolbar.

3. Paste the following query (with your upper-cased GoldMine username in there instead) into the window on the right.

update history set cnt=10 where userid='DOUG'

4. Hit the ‘Execute’ button.

That’s it! Head back to GoldMine and look up a contact not already on your recently viewed items list and go to it. Stay there for a few seconds and you should see your list decrease down to only ten contacts. The same behavior will occur as you visit other areas of GoldMine and refresh the Recently Viewed lists there.

Worth mentioning is that you could choose any number. I chose ten in my example to make it obvious. In practice, I prefer to keep my Recently Viewed lists at twenty-five items.

So the query for that would be:

update history set cnt=25 where userid='DOUG'

Heck, you might even want to make this change globally for all of your users at the same time. To do so, use this query:

update history set cnt=25

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