GoldMine Premium Edition sees it’s second patch, version 8.0.2 (aka 8.02.80208)

This is the second patch since the initial release of GoldMine Premium Edition (8.0). It brings with it a long list of fixes and improvements that make GoldMine Premium Edition a compelling choice for 6.x users facing the impending non-supported status of their product by Frontrange on April 30th.

Here’s the long list of line item fixes from the release notes included with this patch:

  1. TLogs have invalid SyncStamp values
  2. Recently Viewed list is not limited when using Firebird database
  3. Contact Record Statistics shows inaccurate sales data
  4. Delegate to User(s) causes characters to be deleted from the selected users list
  5. Telemarketing Scripts corrupted while editing
  6. Full Name with apostrophe incorrectly displayed in Notes tab
  7. Special chars in Notes vanish when upgrading from GMCE to GMPE
  8. MS SQL 2000 Spanish or German causes error in Case module
  9. Upgrade from dbase to GMPE failed due to fewer licenses
  10. lookup.ini erroneously populates date field
  11. Grouping cases by Due Date does not function correctly
  12. Drag and drop Attachments, no graphic shows until you add an attachment with attachment button
  13. Non-Master uses cannot convert additional contact to primary ones in Case Management but can on the contact record under the contacts tab
  14. Username.INI file expands on upgraded system with customized task bar
  15. dBASE expressions in the calendar do not show the Contact1 data if there is an unlinked calendar item present
  16. After upgrade from GMCE to GMPE, added toolbar icon does not remain
  17. Tab content scrolling causes contact records scrolling
  18. GoldMine automatically searches entire DB when a blank field is selected to launch the search centre
  19. Time Clock not populated
  20. Slow performance in refresh of Recently Viewed list in iGoldMine due to list length
  21. Toolbar customizations are not maintained after Switch User
  22. mouse wheel in notes (when reaching end of notes) it scrolls to another record
  23. Error appears when scheduling activity with Greek regional settings
  24. search center — columns that are part of the contact2 table, searching grinds to a halt
  25. With iGoldMine, tabs do not disappear when closed and titles do not get removed from the window drop down
  26. Schedule button on contact record intermittently works with large database
  27. New Record Layout must be manually refreshed when creating a new record
  28. Extended detail tab does not refresh when scrolling through records
  29. UI for label customization is broken in Opportunity Management
  30. Ability to change the number of recent items within user options
  31. GM crashes if you try to complete non-existent activity
  32. Changing menu format allows you access to disabled items
  33. Users not in alphabetical order in Activities User dropdown
  34. Text in the Notes tab overlap when HTML_CAL_NOTES=0 is set in the GM.ini
  35. Case mask configuration prevents pending/history from being linked to case
  36. Cannot schedule call when South African regional settings are used
  37. Adding high tab order to user-defined field in upper part of contact record (above tabs) causes field to disappear
  38. Unable to save email attachments in bulk
  39. Cannot disable Zip code validation for additional contacts
  40. GM hangs during recently viewed contact list refresh
  41. Scrolling through the end of GM+View tab causes contact record to scroll
  42. Adding a sort to an existing group populates member data incorrectly
  43. Data entry corrupted after switching record types
  44. Zoom shows incorrect record when filter is active
  45. Incorrect column headings in History tab when contact name is shown
  46. Category, Origin, and Offering cannot be added as columns for Service List
  47. Note in Case is saved when switching to another Windows application
  48. Complete Event dialog appears when using command button to Schedule Event
  49. Context menus not accessible via Application Key
  50. Case task does not appear on Pending tab of contact
  51. To-Do date appears as 12/30/1899 in Pending tab
  52. Case task does not appear in calendar
  53. Non-Master users cannot search on E-Mail address
  54. Case tasks are not displayed in Calendar
  55. GoldMine – Filters and Groups – Calls scheduled to a group of users are displaying on the same line of time
  56. Contact Search Center does not retain column widths
  57. New Message -> Email TO selection from additional contacts is ignored -> always primary contact selected
  58. Visual defects in highlighted calendar view tab
  59. Using scheduled e-mail local menu adds duplicated menu items
  60. “Empty Trash when closing E-mail Center” option ineffective
  61. Assign focus to first text field
  62. Missing option to Edit notes
  63. Non-master user doesn’t have access to some Leads options
  64. Toolbar changes are not retained when exiting via Switch User
  65. Activities become inactive in alert window
  66. Any GoldMine report pulling data from Notes Tab shows notes as html code
  67. E-mail window needs attachment bar with icons

Feel free to contact Doug directly for more information about this patch or GoldMine Premium Edition, in general!

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