I know there has been quite a long period of silence since my last post. Sorry about that, folks! I haven’t disappeared! As many of you know, I’ve been busily working away for my clients! I’ve been tucking away notes and ideas for new articles the whole time. I promise I’ll get around to sharing them with you soon!

In the mean time, the GoldMine Premium Edition v9 product has grown to be an historically stable version of GoldMine and has proven to be a great platform on which to build solutions for my customers.

There has been a whole series of patches in the last year-and-a-half. The current version is 9.0.4 (aka and includes plenty of stability fixes, compatibility improvements and enhancements. See below to see if your pet issue is addressed! If it’s not, GoldMine has asked that you e-mail the details of your request(s) to them directly at customer.support@frontrange.com!

From the official Release notes included with 9.0.4:


  1. 160293 E-mails sent via Merge process display merge codes instead of contact data
  2. 160291 E-mails sent via Automated Process with Merge For option set to Record Owner or Selected User will send from logged-in user instead of designated user
  3. 160023 E-mails sent via Automated Process display merge codes instead of contact data
  4. 158161 Non-master users can view and edit other’s private activities from the graphical calendar


GoldMine Premium Edition now supports GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.

A new Messaging tab appears in the user options screen when a GoldMine Mobile license is added to the License Manager. The Messaging tab enables users to receive alarms for upcoming activities on their mobile devices as SMS messages. For more information, please review the GoldMine Mobile Edition Installation and User Guide. The Pager tab that appeared in previous releases is no longer displayed.


GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now includes an option to file Outlook e-mail messages in a specified GoldMine folder. To use this option, go to Setup GoldMine Plus > Options and select the “As a completed activity in the filed e-mail folder” button and uncheck the “Fast File” option.
If an e-mail message is instead linked as a pending activity, there will be a new File button active on the GoldMine pane in Outlook, enabling the message to be filed on demand.

To improve performance in the GoldMine E-mail editor, the “Regarding:” drop-down list (where the user can select an opportunity, project, or case) will only show 50 items related to the current contact. If a larger list is necessary, the following entry can be added to the gm.ini file:
MaxRegardingListSize=n (where n is the desired list size)

To support environments where there is no C:\ drive available, GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now has a setting that enables an administrator to choose where system log files are created. If an alternate location is needed, add an entry to the gm.ini in the following format:

The checkboxes used to set up automatic synchronization with Outlook have been modified to clarify their behavior. To use automatic synchronization with Outlook, go to Tools > Synchronize > Synchronize with Outlook and check “Automatically synchronize with Outlook”.
In addition, there is a secondary option, available at Tools > Configure > Outlook Integration Settings > Synchronization, which enables the synchronization schedule to be activated when Outlook is opened. This option is now labeled “Use automatic synchronization when Outlook is open” and now can be enabled only if “Automatically synchronize with Outlook” is checked.


  1. 157716 Slow response when using “Name (additional)” search in Contact Search Center
  2. 157168 Checking one online e-mail account and switching to another online account in Windows 7 causes application error
  3. 156735 Selected filter is not respected when syncing contacts with Outlook
  4. 154752 Performance issue in Outlook integration when a lot of users are defined
  5. 151318 Updates on time of activities do not synchronize from GoldMine to Outlook for contact records created via Outlook integration
  6. 150447 Moving a recurring activity in GoldMine, either the first occurrence or last occurrence deleted.
  7. 149476 E-mail attachments linked to GoldMine via Outlook will not sync from remote site
  8. 149472 Option to start sync when starting Outlook does not work with Outlook 2010
  9. 149395 When changes are made in Outlook to contacts created in GoldMine and synced to Outlook, the changes are immediately seen in the GoldMine contact record with no option to Send contact data to GoldMine selected.
  10. 148878 On second sync, lookup.ini is sent from remote to server thus overwrites the file on the server
  11. 148863 Inconsistent sync of lookup.ini file
  12. 148043 Rollup doesn’t work for Opportunities and Projects
  13. 148018 Performance issues when linking emails from Outlook to GoldMine
  14. 147616 Validation errors appear after erasing Target Close and Actual Close dates for opportunity
  15. 146775 Add to Contact Group in Search Center will add all contact records to the Group, if search result set is larger than max record setting, and user has paged down to load additional records
  16. 146561 Changes to Amount / Units when completing one instance of a recurring Forecasted Sale are not retained
  17. 146488 Clicking on e-mails with a null From: address causes Outlook to hang for 4 seconds, then not link the e-mail
  18. 146301 Default table of a GoldMine system will be overwritten when a user enters the table name when creating a new Leads Analysis table
  19. 145670 Updating a pending activity does not update the corresponding field in the contact summary tab
  20. 145572 Unlinked activity doesn’t appear on user’s calendar after editing the unlinked activity to add the specific user to the unlinked activity
  21. 145287 Inconsistency between the queries that are run, depending on which search box you use
  22. 145013 Bad data in transfer set causes sync retrieval to fail with unclear error message
  23. 144533 Roll-Over Activities will roll over to the next day for all recurring activities
  24. 138548 Screen divider between contact information and tabs will not change and remains static
  25. 136786 Universal Search – GO button disabled for non-master user
  26. 128853 Zip code reverts back to original selection after selecting another city or reverts to the first city
  27. 127074 Linking an Outlook e-mail before sending will cause a blank e-mail to display in Outlook Outbox
  28. 125211 Outlook navigation pane customizations are not retained after closing Outlook
  29. 118791 Slow performance when handling e-mails at a contact with a lots of opportunities for that contact
  30. 114248 E-mail sent through Automated Process is always sent from logged-in user’s account and with history created for logged-in user
  31. 110016 Cannot use CTRL+V to paste data within web pages in GM+View tab
  32. 108005 Word documents merged from protected templates are blank after being linked to a contact record
  33. 107744 Notes not correctly converted into Notes tab when swapping additional contact
  34. 104482 Taskbar toolbar reappears on next GoldMine start after it was removed from Toolbar using customize feature

Note: GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.4 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2, and GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.3, listed below.


  1. 150834 Performance issues moving from one message to another in Outlook when connected to GoldMine
  2. 133122 Service Center displays all records in the database if no filter is applied by the user (does not respect limits on System Settings > Display)
  3. 120811 GoldMine stops responding while e-mail messages are being queued
  4. 118791 Slow response when handling e-mails for a contact with a large number of opportunities
  5. 97707 Sorting on Age and Actual End columns (Projects) sorts as character values and not on their numerical or date values


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is now supported.

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1 is now supported.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is now supported.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP4 is now supported.

Windows Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) is now supported. Note: When using IE 9, Word documents currently cannot be previewed inside GoldMine if there is another Word document open in your operating system.

There is a new option to control the preview of document templates within the Document Management Center. Disabling the preview may increase application performance while working with templates and improve reliability when merging documents. To use this option, check or uncheck “Show preview for documents” in the lower right pane in the Document Management Center.

Updates to user records can now be synchronized between sites, using a new option in the GoldSync Site Group Member Wizard. To synchronize user records, expand the Customizations node on the Send Options screen by clicking the “+” sign, and then check the box for Users.


  1. 146660 Sync process stalls at gathering completions/deletions for CALDEF and eventually fails
  2. 144943 Unlinked recurring activities for another user will sync to Outlook when syncing only My Calendar using filter or group
  3. 144651 Accented characters cause wrong contact to be returned from search of GoldMine Address Book in Outlook
  4. 144554 Activity created in Outlook, recurring on a particular day of every month, creates large number of calendar items when synchronized to GoldMine
  5. 144317 GoldMine crashes when using the scroll bar while composing an e-mail message with IE 9 installed
  6. 143862 E-mail message is sent to wrong address if recipient’s address is added as new address via the select e-mail window and several e-mail addresses for the contact are available
  7. 143817 Outlook e-mail messages are not linked to GoldMine when NOCOUNT setting is applied in SQL Server
  8. 143322 Undocked user cannot access the One-Button Sync tab to import a One-Button Sync Profile sent through Outlook, if there is no existing One-Button Sync Profile for the user
  9. 143281 E-mails retrieved at remote location are not shown in E-mail Center at server when using year/month folder structure in synchronizing across time zones
  10. 143152 Wrong Opportunity opened for editing in Opportunity Manager when column filter is active
  11. 142090 Error message appears when merging a Word template in the Document Management Center after launching Word followed by Excel
  12. 141549 Error in building transfer set for database with name ending in letter C
  13. 140561 On Windows 7, an attachment will be linked incorrectly after attempting to move it, and then canceling after receiving notification that the file already exists on the destination
  14. 140244 The ‘Create Forecasted Sale’ button in Opportunity Properties is grayed out
  15. 139784 Linking HTML e-mails from Outlook corrupts certain characters when the e-mail uses Western European encoding
  16. 139181 Assigning a report to an Automated process Print Report event does not save the correct report
  17. 139169 Outlook Add-in shows as ‘disabled’ and cannot be enabled
  18. 138821 Custom toolbar item to Merge Tagged Records improperly merges records if toolbar button is clicked while no records are tagged
  19. 138528 Case number is not listed on e-mail notifications when reassigning a case
  20. 138815 JavaScript code removed after editing GM+View template
  21. 137913 E-mails using UTF-8 subject lines are corrupted
  22. 137407 Resolving a case will replace the name of the linked contact with the contact displayed on the contact tab
  23. 136765 Single user-defined field is not being imported during WebImport
  24. 136763 WebImport unable to populate user-defined fields when NewRecord section of lookup.ini updates a user-defined field
  25. 136705 Time Stamp Format setting is not saved to service center mask customizations
  26. 135999 E-mail message manually linked from Sent folder in Outlook is displayed as an inbound message on the History tab
  27. 135983 On a server OS, dashboard checkboxes and radio buttons are not displayed
  28. 135555 When using a database that does not include a LEADDIST, LEADFILE, or SYNCLOCK table, clicking the “Read GoldMine Settings” button in Outlook produces an incorrect error message.
  29. 135545 The “Enable Outlook Sync” option under Tools > Users Settings > Properties > Outlook does not synchronize from the server to undocked machines
  30. 132578 Multi-contact activity is deleted for all contacts when attempting to delete a contact-specific instance from the calendar
  31. 132456 When editing an AP event that prints an envelope template, the template selection is corrupted (reset to the first item in the list)
  32. 130823 Relationship tab does not refresh properly when expanding a section
  33. 129836 New detail record includes copied CONTSUPP header data for column position from an extended detail
  34. 128853 Zip code reverts back to original selection after selecting another city or reverts to the first city
  35. 128841 If a field is accidently duplicated in a System View, it cannot be removed
  36. 128584 When using IMAP, e-mail sent via mobile device links from Sent folder in Outlook to contact record with sender’s e-mail address
  37. 127909 Cursor focus goes to the subject line instead of the e-mail body when replying or forwarding
  38. 126359 Tab order positions are not being respected when creating new GoldMine contacts, skipping ZIP
  39. 124508 Daily DayTimer Summary report only shows times with activities scheduled
  40. 124394 Contact information in the history record is for the customer viewed in the Contacts tab
  41. 122618 Sort works inconsistently in Task area of Activity List
  42. 119811 Print Pages action in e-mail reading window does not provide option to print selected text within message
  43. 119647 When exporting contacts from a large database using a filter based on Contact2 fields, there is a long delay between the Select Filter/Group screen and the Field Mappings screen
  44. 111851 Customized labels are not shown in project window
  45. 108957 Case History tab shows no data after upgrading from version 8.0 with customized case tabs
  46. 108891 Wrong activities displayed after activating rollup on Relationship tab, selecting History or Pending tab, and clicking column header to sort results
  47. 108648 Private Activities are not visible for other users in Calendar
  48. 108579 Completing an activity for a selected contact will cause active contact to refresh to the contact on calendar when Calendar is in Outline view with an activity scheduled for current date selected and Sync Contact enabled
  49. 107197 “Pop-up when selected” option causes F2 lookup screen to be intrusive in the contact search center when clicking on different tabs and clicking back to CSC
  50. 101909 When scrolling between cases, the notes from the last case are displayed
  51. 70271 Time column does not sort properly when used for priority

Feel free to contact Doug directly for more information about these patches — or GoldMine Premium Edition, in general!

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