Recently, many GoldMine users have been encountering a problem that stops their GoldMine in its tracks. When they double-click the GoldMine shortcut, they’re presented with an inscrutable error: “A referral was returned from the server.” After the error, GoldMine does not start.

What’s going on is that every GoldMine version has a digital signature and the one used with GoldMine 8.0.x expired in early December, 2009. That means that the windows User Account Control (UAC) feature will not allow it to run.

UAC is a feature that is built into Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7. You know it as that annoying feature that produces a constant stream of messages along the lines of, “Hey, it looks like you are trying to double-click an icon. Did you know that icons could run terrible viruses? Please click OK to confirm you want to run the thing you double-clicked!” A lot of people have simply turned UAC off (including me!) but those who have not are now finding themselves unable to run GoldMine.

There are two possible solutions

  1. Turn off UAC like the rest of us. Of course, if you haven’t done that by now, you probably have a very good reason (like you use Quickbooks, which requires it) or you enjoy the implied additional security features.
  2. Patch to version 8.5.x of GoldMine (free to customers current on their Frontrange Maintenance) and enjoy the many fixes and new features introduced therein (including a new digital certificate.)
  1. funny, the same thing happened on the same day to a client on 2008 server. Must have been some windows update or another, I imagine. The same solution (turn off/down UAC) solved it for them.

  2. We have 8.0 and this just happened to a Win 7 user today who has always had UAC turned on. That’s strange how it’s been working fine for a couple years until now.

  3. Does anyone have any idea what the certificate expiry date is for the 8.5.2 installer? If it’s not way out in the future, it sounds like FrontRange has figured out a way to cripple existing installs of their software if the user isn’t paying maintenance. Sounds a bit underhanded to me…

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